dilluns, 6 de febrer de 2012

Obsesssssed LDR

Hi guys! I know I’ve not posted since loong time ago, but I’ve been very busy with university exams, I just have two left and it’s done!

Today I wanted to introduce you to my new obsession, Lana Del Rey. This 25 years old girl is from New York and it’s introduced as the new promise of the pop. What can we expect from her?

At first I saw Youtube promoted her, and that’s why I didn’t even noticed her, I thought it would be comercial… BUT NO! I can say here’s a very potential voice that once you’ve heard her, it’s gonna make it replay and replay and replay….

There has been some controversia about her beginnings: some said she was coming from a humble home. But the truth is that she’s the daughter of domain investor Rob Grant, so you can easily see she has a lot of money… but has it made it easy for her? I personally don’t think so. I’ve been checking about her beginnings and she first started when she drop univerisity for leaving to New York going from pub to pub playing… but with another image:


Nowadays she’s inyected silicone in the mouth and has changed her style for another one more retro, like a 60’s modern woman:



Lana-Del-Rey-Yayo    Here I’ve attached you my favourite song, Blue Jeans, so you can check her voice out! And another thing… some of her videos are broadcasted by herself and they’ve a huge quality.



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  1. No la había escuchado nunca pero me esta empezando a gustar, la verdad!!

    un beso

  2. I love Lana Del Rey too! She's so beautiful and talented right? And look at her hair! So gorgeous!

  3. hey ! I just discovered your blog, you have a very nice one
    lets follow each other !!!!!

    G <3


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