dilluns, 5 de desembre de 2011

Singin’ this is the life

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Hi there! It’s been long, looong time without posting in here. I made another blog, but in the end I bored that one and remembered that I had this one, more much older and better (I’ve got the most of you in here).

I almost forgot the pleasure of writing in here and sharing my new life! I’ve turned a college student! I didn’t do journalism or humanities, I finally decided to do “Public Relations and Marketing Management” by the University of Wales. I know it may sound strange, but I study it through an specific school in Barcelona, Formatic Barna.

I love being in there and the degree in general. I’ve met amazing people who make my days. The city is great too, you can never get bored in there, there’s so much to do! When you’re not in the center, you’re at the beach, and when not taking a break in some point of Gràcia.

My boyfriend is studying in here too, Architecture. He’s going to be great, I see that! He does great projects and feels really passion on it :).

So, now we’re resting some days in Mallorca, no place like home! December is coming cold, and family and friends make it warmer. I hope being able to post in here more often, sorry if I’ve no time, I’m busy with homework and school projects. Right now I’m going to read all of you!

Have a nice week.

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