dijous, 28 de juliol de 2011

Barcelona, new home.

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Hi there babes :) Yesterday I went to Barcelona to see my new city home. I’m moving there on September to study humanities or journalism, stills not sure, but whatever I’ll enjoy it! It’s definitely the perfect place for a young eighteen girl willing to live the dream. Sooooo this is it! :)

diumenge, 3 de juliol de 2011

Ara va de bo, Ciutadella!

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3100_0345100_0388 100_0414 100_0419 100_0420100_0465 100_0477 100_0499 Hi there! So long without news about me, ha? I’ve been so busy since I’ve finished selectivity. I went to Menorca, to Sant Joan and it was just A MA ZING. We had so much fun! Party all day and all night, gin with lemonade all hours…

On Tuesday I’ve got my car test and I’m so nervous… hope pass it! I’m preparing all the college stuff, so nervous cuz in September I’m living from Mallorca to Barcelona to live with my BF Antònia, and a friend called Albert.