diumenge, 22 de maig de 2011

High School is over, hi selectivity!

It’s confirmed, high school is over! Now we’ve to go straight on to the selectivity and then COLLEGE! I’m so nervous about marks, I know I’ve got it, but a girl like me is always nervous about that stuff hahaha.

On Friday night we went to celebrate it with a party in Alcudia with my class, it was really fun! We went to have dinner and then to the beach to celebrate it. Later we went to the pubs to dance with the other guys!




dimarts, 17 de maig de 2011

trois, deux, un…

hulu )

It’s almost finished! As you can see I may seem a bit tired… But it really worth it! :) These next tree days are the most exhausting days, but I’ll get over it. At the moment, the marks are being just soooooo good, but there’s a lot of work behind them.

So, I leave to follow studying.



dilluns, 16 de maig de 2011

Student days


This is what I’m living of. The good thing of all that is that I’m seeing very good results, and I can now feel proud of myself.


laura-baily-alexa-chung-and-poppy-delevigne (1)front-row-chanel-crucero-2012-221FP_7285303_API_Channel_Cruise_03_54

Hi honeys! :) Today has been a very good day, I just got good feelings. I don’t know why but suddenly it’s one of those days when you can see everything clearest… And discover amazing pieces as this one from Poppy Delevigne. I’m in love with how she looked in Chanel’s catwalk, I love how the brand has mixed the shorts with the blazer, and how pretty she is in that clothes. I don’t know why but she remembers me to Barbie haha, may that’s what socialites got.



diumenge, 15 de maig de 2011



Bonjour mon amours, I just got bored and this is the result. Geography is really driving me crazy, you don’t know how lazy I am today! And I really really know I’m playing all my cards this week…



Relax moments

Captura2 Captura3 Pictures taken from http://nyheter24.se/modette/vicktoria/

Hi babes! I could really have one of these moments as Vicktoria has… I'm really getting obsessed with Swedish blogs, all those girls are just as models, and they’ve got an amazing style!

Plus, their houses are full of pretty things and so well decorated… As you can see while I should be studying I’m exploring blogs hahaha, this is insane.



dissabte, 14 de maig de 2011

Oh la la

love love2

Gosh, this morning has been sooo RELAXING. I’ve been two days with not doing a thing and I know I’ve to focus T.T but… HA! As the song sais “todos necesitamos un poco de sur, para no perder el norte”, have you heard it? It’s from Cruzampo’s advertisment, it can bring you up in a second! :)



fresh air from my cage

Hi there babes! I was just updating to apologize for my ausence, I've been studying lot lot to my final exams (which I finish on friday) and the Selectivity!

I'm just getting closer and closer to Barcelona, wouldn't that be a dream? But on the other hand I'm also quite nervous to say goodbye yo my little Island and HELLO to that BIG CITY.

When I'll have my comput back I'll try to do a normal update with pics and so...
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diumenge, 1 de maig de 2011

Amazing weekend!

 103_0009 103_0010 DSC01224 100_0016 101_0070 101_0082 101_0083

It has definitely been our weekend! I’m eighteen years old, my boyfriend does his bday one day after mine and now he’s 20, and yesterday nite we went to the city to see some concerts by Obra Cultural Balear, it was just amazing!