dimecres, 13 d’abril de 2011


Hi darlings, how’re you doing? I’m having a very exhausting week, full of exams… But I really think the worst is just coming! In one month we’ll be doing the final exams and in two months we’ll have done selectivity, so I’m pretty nervous because time is coming. I’m so excited because if I get my mark I’ll go to live to Barcelona, and I love A LOT, A LOT this city.

And don’t ask me why, thinking about planes, flying, travelling and that stuff, I found this amazing photos taken by Terry Richardson, an amazing American photographer well known for his outrageous photos that has worked with some important designers as Miu Miu, Hugo Boss or Levi’s.

Those photos are called Boardingpass and they’re just amazing! They’re part of a new Mango’s campaign, and I really have to confess that I got lost with Mango and Zara.

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Well these are some looks among some others, all of them amazing, but those have been the best for me. I’m in love with the bag from the second photo, I think I definitely need a new bag for going to school or something… Or I’ll better wait for the university now that it’s so close.

BY THE WAY BABES, I’VE CHANGED MY DIRECTION, IT’S www.francisite.blogspot.com NOW. If you try keep following me with prettysunglases, it just won’t work :)

So what do you think? Have you seen come Spring-Summer campaign from some brand that you’re currently loving?


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