divendres, 29 d’abril de 2011

My 18th bday















Hi babes! Today is my 18th bday, and I just wanted to thank you all guys for coming to my blog and coment it, it really makes me wanna follow with this little hobby.

 DSC00073 - copia



dissabte, 23 d’abril de 2011

Spring has sprung

Hi pretty babes! How’re you doing? I’m heaving the most relaxing time EVER. Since Wednesday we’re on holidays so I’m trying to not doing a thing these days. Like for example today. It has been Sant Jordi’s day, the book day. I went to Palma because my boyfriend was selling books (he’s adorable) so I’ve gone shopping because I needed a new black cardigan from Zara (I won’t show you the picture because I think all you know how a black cardigan is), a grey t-shirt that I’ve seen and felt in love immediately from H&M and a nude sunglasses I was looking for from H&M.

 IMAG0064 IMAG0065

IMAG0068 I’ve not bought any book today, but if you’re in any of the catalan countries, tell me, have you bought any book? And if you’re not from here, have you bought any book lately which you’ve felt in love?


divendres, 15 d’abril de 2011


Here’s the video of Burberry catwalk in Beijing, I’ve seen it and fell in love immediately so you know what to do if you’ve got a moment :)



SAM_1828   Yes honeys, it’s Friday! I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive since lot of time. Next week exams are finishing and holidays are beginning, but I really won’t call them holidays… All day and all night studying don’t sound like holiday hahaha. Soo, it was the outfit I’ve chosen today for going to school, I love wearing shirt, it’s one of the most comfy clothes ever.

Tomorrow it’s the Acampallengua in Campos, it’s gonna be freaking amazing! I went two years before in Sa Pobla, and it was just a mad experience. Obrint Pas and Oprimits are gonna be there this year, so I think we can definitely say that we’ll enjoy one of the best nights EVER.

SAM_1834The ticket 

Well I think I may won’t update anymore until Sunday or Monday, so I really hope you to enjoy this weekend.


dijous, 14 d’abril de 2011


mango5  zara3 zara2 zara1 zara mango4

Hi back there! I was just checking some bags from Zara and Mango and I just found these amazing beauties. I’m in love with all of these bags, specially the third, the fourth and the last. They would be just amazing for going to school, don’t cha think so? I urge a new bag, I’m obsessed with bags. Gonna still studying some geography.






Hi sweeties! How’re you doing? Are you enjoying a nice Thursday? I do! I’ve not slept tonight but I’m feeling with energy, tomorrow is already FRIDAY! That’s the best part of Thursday ha! Soo, it was the outfit I chose today for going to school, that’s one of the most comfi outfits ever! -BTW I was wearing short shorts ;) -. As you can see (or I think so) I’m wearing a white lace in my head haha I just thought it was nice. So tell me boggers, which kind of outfits do you wear for going to the high school, college or work?


dimecres, 13 d’abril de 2011


Hi darlings, how’re you doing? I’m having a very exhausting week, full of exams… But I really think the worst is just coming! In one month we’ll be doing the final exams and in two months we’ll have done selectivity, so I’m pretty nervous because time is coming. I’m so excited because if I get my mark I’ll go to live to Barcelona, and I love A LOT, A LOT this city.

And don’t ask me why, thinking about planes, flying, travelling and that stuff, I found this amazing photos taken by Terry Richardson, an amazing American photographer well known for his outrageous photos that has worked with some important designers as Miu Miu, Hugo Boss or Levi’s.

Those photos are called Boardingpass and they’re just amazing! They’re part of a new Mango’s campaign, and I really have to confess that I got lost with Mango and Zara.

1 2 3

Well these are some looks among some others, all of them amazing, but those have been the best for me. I’m in love with the bag from the second photo, I think I definitely need a new bag for going to school or something… Or I’ll better wait for the university now that it’s so close.

BY THE WAY BABES, I’VE CHANGED MY DIRECTION, IT’S www.francisite.blogspot.com NOW. If you try keep following me with prettysunglases, it just won’t work :)

So what do you think? Have you seen come Spring-Summer campaign from some brand that you’re currently loving?


dissabte, 9 d’abril de 2011

I want Rock Island.

Yeah babes, tonight is the night, the first of some of the best parties ever!! Tonight we celebrate quintos 93’, it’s a party that we celebrate in our pretty island (and maybe some other place). When you turn eighteen you celebrate it with an amazing party! In our case we’ll do more than one hahaha.Tonight is rock island, so if you’re in the island, don’t doubt about coming!

Snapshot_20110409_7 Red lips, our quintos t-shirt, and a very tight jeans, plus my punk boots! Rock it ;)