dimarts, 22 de març de 2011

It means nothing without a woman

Here I let you the new Chanel advertisement, don’t cha love it? Cuz I DO! Love Keira, in all her works.

diumenge, 20 de març de 2011

You go back to earth..

and I go back to… brown.

Snapshot_20110319_6 Snapshot_20110319_5

Blonde days are over… That’s how I define this new period of my life haha. I was tired of that blonde colour, and I personally think that brown is more much me. Actually, I’m brunette, but I wanted to try to see me like different. What do you guys think about this change? You prefer blonde or brunette Xisca?

BTW here you’re the new Britney’s single, up and down, love it!