dilluns, 21 de febrer de 2011

Pretty sunglasses


I was just reading Vogue online, when I saw a lovely report about high impact colours, and I just fell in love with this sunglasses. In my opinion this colour is amazing, it’s just like fuchsia for me, and the shape of the sunglasses is like a mix from the classic Ray-Ban clubmaster and the classic rounded sunglasses from the 80’s. So chic!

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  1. Lonely as a cloud

    What shall we sing, my friends?
    In what shall we rejoice?
    There alone our song lives,
    Where our ancestors were born.
    On Earth, where they lived...
    I suffer here on Earth...
    He who gives life conceals

    ...thanks!...sweet Lady!

  2. ¡Qué originales! Aunque no sé si me atrevería a ponermelas a la hora de la verdad...
    ¡Un beso!
    Carmen de Punta y Tacón.


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