dimarts, 22 de febrer de 2011

Come n’ getcha candy


Hi babes! It’s been a very VERY boring day… A lot of homework, not time to do it cuz I’ve got something to do from the last week too and a lot of stress. Geo exam was just great, think I did it well (really hope so!). We’ve been watching the orange machine in psychology and I’m just traumatized, this is a very very hard film, but I totally recommend it. On Thursday I’ve got the Psycho exam and I don’t really know how it’s gonna go, there’re some biology units, and I’m from humanities, really hate it! Well, hope you’ll be heaving a nice week.



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  1. tu pots amb segon titi! un beso preciosa, mem si mos veim aviat! <3
    pd. jo demà història au ido..


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