divendres, 7 de gener de 2011

One purpose

Hi babes! I’m a little stressed with all the end of holidays… These ones are leaving just too fast for me, I need some more days. I’ve not started homework, and believe me, I’ve got A LOT haha. But is just that x-mas is too amazing. This year presents have been a pair of Reebok Easytone and an amazing set of hairdressing from Desperate housewives hahaha, LOVE it all.

It was so cool found this photo of Annalynne McCord with the new line of Reebok Easytone, I like that top too, it’s also easytone. And the white and pink-red-salmon under Annalynne are mine :) Love them, so comfortable! And I can say that you really feel his effect on your legs, I first though it was going to be just a lie or something like that…

AnnaLynne McCord  1-horz SAM_1696 Soooo, I think you can easily guess which is my purpose ha? I wanna get some fit and toned, I’ve got no time for going to the gym, so those shoes are gonna help me so much, they do effect just doing your house things. And maybe change a little my look. I’m bored of brown and strange hair, I’ll wave it and I’m actually reducing some colour tones.

This year I’ll do my 18th birthday too, I’ll go to university, etc. I’m looking forward to all of this!



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  1. este año es el de los dieciocho! disfútalo! el mío el de los 19, uno de mis números favoritos, así que.. será genial para las dos!
    un besito :)

  2. jo en vull unes tipo aquestes, que estic cansada d'anar amb converse al gym! jajaja

  3. Ya había oido hablar de esas zapatillas, a ver s te funcionan, ya nos contaras!


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