diumenge, 16 de gener de 2011


SAM_1702 SAM_1712 SAM_1736

Yesterday was a very light day. In the morning me and Joan went shopping in Palma and I bought that shoes, the blazer and the t-shirt (it’s longer in the back, and shorter in the front). Evening went great with a Quintos meeting, deciding which parties to do and that stuff, it’s gonna be a party party year hahahaha. And tonight… Tonight we’re going HARD HARD HARD hahahaha, AMAZING party in sa Pobla, fire, devils, giants , big-heads, and lot of music! Tomorrow there’s no school so, enjoy the night :)



6 comentaris:

  1. me gustan los outfits, sobre todo el segundo :)

  2. me encantan los zapatos!
    Yo tengo unos zapatos parecidos, tienen un monton de estilo

  3. justo hoy me han regalado unos zapatos iguales! tú ya has tenido fiesta, yo me la prometo este sábado!!

  4. yo me quedo con los zapatos! me encantan!!

  5. Love the 2º photo!
    lovely outfit!


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