dissabte, 29 de gener de 2011

Hmm… whatcha say?

carne-de-neon3I’m in love with this haircut! It’s so lolita ♥ I’m in love with lolita and pin-up looks, they’re so doll. And here’s my result… More blonde and different, but it’s something.

Snapshot_20110127_10  So what do you think babes? You prefer the old photo from the last post or the newest one?



dimecres, 26 de gener de 2011

Love is a gamble

Hi babes! How’re ya doing? Today I’ve been back to school after being terribly ill for two days…. But today has been a very good day. This Friday I’ve got Geography exam, so this evening I’ll go to the library to study for a while. Sorry if my posts are quite boring lately, got no time to do it better.

Snapshot_20110119 bad quality, I know, made by webcam ;)


And here you’re a song that really motivates me, it’s from Victor Magan – Love is a gamble



diumenge, 23 de gener de 2011



Should be studying, not being in twitter, facebook or blogging… But things are like those ha! Because of my lack of concentration at home, that last week I went some days to the library, and it will still so. On Friday I’ve got Geography exam and I really want to have a good mark, I need it! So I’m applying a lot. On Friday we went partying with some friends to the Marítim, but next morning I woke up with an enormous head-ache and sore throat, so here I am, at home, sick as someone can be… I’ve promised myself taken the best of me in this 2011, so gonna work work work work!! What about your last weeks babes?



diumenge, 16 de gener de 2011


SAM_1702 SAM_1712 SAM_1736

Yesterday was a very light day. In the morning me and Joan went shopping in Palma and I bought that shoes, the blazer and the t-shirt (it’s longer in the back, and shorter in the front). Evening went great with a Quintos meeting, deciding which parties to do and that stuff, it’s gonna be a party party year hahahaha. And tonight… Tonight we’re going HARD HARD HARD hahahaha, AMAZING party in sa Pobla, fire, devils, giants , big-heads, and lot of music! Tomorrow there’s no school so, enjoy the night :)



dilluns, 10 de gener de 2011

I hate this part right here

1x09-The-Perfect-Storm-Behind-the-Scenes-pretty-little-liars-tv-show-14461253-2000-1333 Hi there! Today has been a very hard day. Back to school and non stop until June… Today I’ve heard the word selectivity at least 100 times. I’m too nervous, but glad, because I’ve started going for the goal :).

Now I’m finishing my homework, and after I’ll go to watch the last week episode of Pretty Little Liars. Don’t you just love it? Cuz I do.



divendres, 7 de gener de 2011

One purpose

Hi babes! I’m a little stressed with all the end of holidays… These ones are leaving just too fast for me, I need some more days. I’ve not started homework, and believe me, I’ve got A LOT haha. But is just that x-mas is too amazing. This year presents have been a pair of Reebok Easytone and an amazing set of hairdressing from Desperate housewives hahaha, LOVE it all.

It was so cool found this photo of Annalynne McCord with the new line of Reebok Easytone, I like that top too, it’s also easytone. And the white and pink-red-salmon under Annalynne are mine :) Love them, so comfortable! And I can say that you really feel his effect on your legs, I first though it was going to be just a lie or something like that…

AnnaLynne McCord  1-horz SAM_1696 Soooo, I think you can easily guess which is my purpose ha? I wanna get some fit and toned, I’ve got no time for going to the gym, so those shoes are gonna help me so much, they do effect just doing your house things. And maybe change a little my look. I’m bored of brown and strange hair, I’ll wave it and I’m actually reducing some colour tones.

This year I’ll do my 18th birthday too, I’ll go to university, etc. I’m looking forward to all of this!



dimarts, 4 de gener de 2011

“Which kind of 2011

is expecting for us?”
Here you’re an amazing introduction to fashion with Whitney Port’s look. She was amazing in that “green bottle” dress. I loved how she was looking. My dress was just the same colour, I saw it on River Island and I fell in love.
whitneyportcosmopolitanhotelnewyearevepf0digttokxl 48819PCN_CosmoNewYear01
So tell me babes, how have you started this amazing 2011? Lot of things are waiting for us..