dissabte, 4 de desembre de 2010

Think that you can handle it


This is being such a freezing weekend! There is snow in the mountain, but we can’t go to play over there because Joan is tremendously ill.. Poor babe =/ But anyway, this evening we’ve to go to Palma because yesterday I went with mum to buy some stuff for Scotland (yey I know, all day talking about it, sorry I’m so xcited!), and we couldn’t find some things so, today to The City to buy what I didn’t buy yesterday :) I’ll take some pictures after and I’ll show you ‘em, this hat is one of my new acquisitions hehehehe. Sooo talk later.

By the way http://qinatthedisco.blogspot.com/ is giving an amazing giveway, check it out on her blog, you’ll get surprised :)



4 comentaris:

  1. ¡Me encantan estos gorritos, son 'warms'!

  2. Thank youuuuu!! M'encanta la gorra i quina enveja me fas, jo també partiria cap a escòcia ara mateix brrrrr amb lo guapo que deu ser jejejeje. Sa bb que va no va ser en Jimeno, vaig anar a Vodafone i me la varen regalar jijiji Muaaa titi!

  3. Que guaay, aquí también ha nevado, y hace un frio.. una pena que no puedas ir a la montaña..
    un besazo guapisima.


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