dimecres, 29 de desembre de 2010

It’s ending

cats This wonderful 2010 is coming to its end… I can say that this has been, next to 2007, MY FAVOURITE YEAR EVER! It has been a very intense year, with tears and laughs and fears but some courage too. I’ve experienced lots of changes, and my people too. World is not the same seen by me, but it stills going round… So babes, again and again, thank you for living those changes until the last update of this amazing year, I wish you da best in this 2011, good luck, money and A LOT OF LOVE, cuz love is basic to survive in this mad planet.



diumenge, 26 de desembre de 2010


Hi guys! Just one week since I’m back from Scotland, Liverpool, Bristol… Yeeeeey, this has been a very very long trip! The travel was amazing, seriously, I LOVE SCOTLAND. It’s sooo gothic, love it. People are amazing, the views are breathtaking, and the christmas feeling is lovely. Here you’re some pictures!

SAM_1406 SAM_1443  SAM_1454  SAM_1471SAM_1467SAM_1489 SAM_1500  SAM_1531  SAM_1646SAM_1553 SAM_1684  SAM_1694 155564_1555824865417_1529073741_31454018_6701073_n 162666_1530620461565_1116333576_31232375_5288219_n

And about this xmas… nothing else to say but IT’S AMAZING. Thanks to all those people that has been reading this blog even when it’s boring, writing coments even when I can’t answer em’… Thank you so much, the fact that there would be only one person reading this, can make me smile in a huge way! THANKYOU.

And thanks to http://qinatthedisco.blogspot.com/ too for givin me her amazing giveaway, the first time I win something in a blog hahahaha you’re great!! (L)



dimecres, 8 de desembre de 2010



Hi luvies! How are you doing? As you know (or I think so), I’ve been all holidays shopping, after I’ll take some pics, sorry I’ve got no time, lots of exams… Well this photo is from a dress I fell in love with. Isn’t cute? It reminds me a lot at the new Whitney Eve Collection. This one would be for New Year’s Eve, I love the silver and this year I promised seriously not dressing in black hahaha, so tired of it! I’ve already got the shoes:) Today some study and then to Joan’s land to have some dinner in the sun.



dimarts, 7 de desembre de 2010

Si vols et pots quedar

La manera en què em va dir “bona nit” i em va picar l’ullet, era fàcilment malinterpretable… I em va dir: “no agafis pas el cotxe, si vols et pots quedar; que al pis hi tinc un quarto, exprés per convidats”
Je taime mon petite

dissabte, 4 de desembre de 2010

Think that you can handle it


This is being such a freezing weekend! There is snow in the mountain, but we can’t go to play over there because Joan is tremendously ill.. Poor babe =/ But anyway, this evening we’ve to go to Palma because yesterday I went with mum to buy some stuff for Scotland (yey I know, all day talking about it, sorry I’m so xcited!), and we couldn’t find some things so, today to The City to buy what I didn’t buy yesterday :) I’ll take some pictures after and I’ll show you ‘em, this hat is one of my new acquisitions hehehehe. Sooo talk later.

By the way http://qinatthedisco.blogspot.com/ is giving an amazing giveway, check it out on her blog, you’ll get surprised :)



dijous, 2 de desembre de 2010

I’ll abuse it tonight

Got that poison.

I can’t stop listening this amazing song, Nicole is just amazing! And she still fabulous without her dolls. What do you think about it?



Man Down


Hi you guys :) How are you doing? I’m a bit sick so I have to stay home… Hate not being able to go to school, cuz I loose lots of classes, and furthermore today I had and exam, so yes, man down! And it’s me. This week we’ve done 6 exams and my head is over, sooo over. In 9 days I’m off to Scotland to see my babes back, I miss them so terribly. They told us that this week has not stopped snowing so it’s full of white everywhere *_*, I’m so excited. I’ve found some photos from Scotland that I just love, so here you are :)





I just can’t love Scotland no more, It’s an amazing country! All it’s culture, traditions, way of life… I swore that If I’m able to see some of those images with my own eyes, I would be the happiest person ever! Just love this kind of cities from the north because they’re so gothic, and remind me a lot (yes they do) to Harry Potter films hahaha, no kidding, but some scenes from HP were filmed in the last photo (Glenfinnan Viaduct). The country is sooo green, and the sky so grey… I think they hide some magic :)