dilluns, 8 de novembre de 2010

Let’s do something, babe


Hi babes! How are you doing? I’m super super happy! Suddenly life has turned on and everything seems to be just PERFECT. My marks has really improved, and there’s no other problems at all. The travel to Scotland is all prepared, there’s just left the clothes issue: I don’t really know which clothes take over there, I think I’m not used to all that cold, but I know this will be amazing.

We’ll fly to Liverpool and from there we’ll go to Glasgow, or I think so! I’m eager for eating that gorgeous cookies that Leigh took me from there nyumiiiiiiii *_*, and of course, I’m looking forward to see my Scottish babes, I’m missing ‘em so much.

About this week… there’s no exams so I’ll take my time for start preparing next week exams :) and for RELAX of course. Sooo, hope you’ll have an amazing week.



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