diumenge, 21 de novembre de 2010

The future


Ackermann, Lagerfeld's choice

This is probably one of the most important news in fashion world since so long. Karl Lagerfeld has chosen Ackermann as his successor in Chanel’s house. What do you guys think about him? Here you have the link with all the information:




diumenge, 14 de novembre de 2010

Gràcies per aquets minuts restants…

vSAM_1339 SAM_1349
Yesterday I went shopping with my sweetie. It was a very very stressing evening! We went to take the underground in Son Fuster and it was such a comedy find the right way where the train leaves… OMG terrible. We had to wait for 30 minutes, but until time was coming, we made some photos. Not everything happens for bad.
So, just gone to the city and went to the Gran Hotel because I had to join a course about Classic Culture. After we went to Women Secret to see the new collection and I just fell in love with too much things. I buy some of them and after just gone to the Corte Inglés to buy my new Pink case and Pink headphones for my Ipod :) Love em.
And today… Lot LOT LOT of work. This two next weeks seem to be hard, so I’ll be hard working too.
What about your weekend guys?

dilluns, 8 de novembre de 2010

Let’s do something, babe


Hi babes! How are you doing? I’m super super happy! Suddenly life has turned on and everything seems to be just PERFECT. My marks has really improved, and there’s no other problems at all. The travel to Scotland is all prepared, there’s just left the clothes issue: I don’t really know which clothes take over there, I think I’m not used to all that cold, but I know this will be amazing.

We’ll fly to Liverpool and from there we’ll go to Glasgow, or I think so! I’m eager for eating that gorgeous cookies that Leigh took me from there nyumiiiiiiii *_*, and of course, I’m looking forward to see my Scottish babes, I’m missing ‘em so much.

About this week… there’s no exams so I’ll take my time for start preparing next week exams :) and for RELAX of course. Sooo, hope you’ll have an amazing week.



divendres, 5 de novembre de 2010




Hi guys! It was my Halloween’s night, fabulous! We enjoyed all night in Alcúdia, specially in Menta Disco, where Sub_Urban guys had had organised one of the greatest events from this 2010. I came for free because I won one of the VIP’s entrances, sooo amazing. The Disco was full, I could barely breath, but whatever, it was cool! I was wearing a cat costume, miaaaau ^_^.

Almost all the photos from the night were taken by my friend Ariadna, she’s an amazing photographer ;), not forget saying that the starring DJ was Massimo Di Lena, an amazing DJ coming from Naples.

And finally I’ve done all the exams I’ve had since now, and next week I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My marks aren’t really good enough but I’ll improve ‘em, I was just too lazy since now.

What about you babes?