dimecres, 27 d’octubre de 2010

Work it out, girl


Hi guys! I’ve been lately so stressed… I know I’m being boring everyday with all that exams stuff but I can’t do nothing, I AM TREMENDOUSLY EXAUSTED. Today I’ve done my Latin exam, tomorrow I’ve got the Philosophy one, and on Friday I’ve got Spain history and Latin again (translation and relecctio)…

Next week I’ll be almost free (economy exam) but I’ll be able to go more relaxed.

Oh! I almost forgot! This Sunday is HALLOWEEN and there’s going to be a big party in Menta Disco, I’m sure we’ll love it. Ariadna shows you how it's gonna be in this link… Check it out babes!

And you may be asking why has she posted this photo? Oh, first of all I love The Hills, love the scenes in where Lauren and Whitney were working in Teen Vogue, did you see the reality show? And the song over it is GOING WRONG- ARMIN VAN BUUREN you can be sure once you’ve heard it you fall in love.



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