dissabte, 23 d’octubre de 2010

Who’s that chick?

Too cold for you to keep her, to hot for you to leave her, who’s that chik?

Exams week numer one is done. I think that bad marks are waiting for me, but that’s OK, it was just an advice that I’ve to work more and more and more hard. For taking the stress out, I love singing this song and dance to the rhythm of the music and… tonight MAYBE some party in Consell. Just maybe because next week I'm full of exams so… We’ll see.



4 comentaris:

  1. Hola! bueno... tanto examen, ojalá termines pronto. yo tengo un examen el lunes.. u.u un besito

  2. fuiste a consell tu?jejejejeje
    a mi me dijeron para ir pero al final me kede en palma !
    que tal todo?
    me encanta la cncion q as subido
    suerte con los examenes

    tienes twitter? sigueme: Georgia_Peacock

  3. Te doy fuerzas para los exámenes, pronto se acerca el puente ;)


  4. mucho ánimo, ya queda menoss
    un besazo!


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