dissabte, 2 d’octubre de 2010

R&R – relax and rejoice

Hey you guys, how are you doing? I’ve had a very stressing week, lot of homework, not much time and I’ve not started to study yet (as I said, no time). But this weekend I’m going to put on it and start it seriously, I swore. But between moment and moment, there must be R&R, I definitely need it and this weekend is the weekend for doing it.

Yesterday we went to the cinema to see Vampires Suck, I was a very fun film! But I’m loyal to the Twilight Saga, of course (but is never wrong seeing the world from another eyes). The truth is that is a very good parody and all the elements from the film are very well done.

So, today I let you this song from Alexandra Burke called Broken Heels. It’s about how women can do things better than them even with broken heels, you know ;).

Sooo talk to you later :)




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  1. Muchas gracias por tu comentario!, los dibujo yo todos, aunque aun soy toda una principiante :)

    Y, porr cierto, me encanta esta foto, estás sumamente bonita!

  2. Dicen que más vale tarde que nunca, aunque lo contradigo, ya que puede haber algo peor que tarde: DEMASIADO tarde.

  3. que pasada dde cancion me encanta :d

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    twitter: Georgia_Peacock


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