dimecres, 27 d’octubre de 2010

Work it out, girl


Hi guys! I’ve been lately so stressed… I know I’m being boring everyday with all that exams stuff but I can’t do nothing, I AM TREMENDOUSLY EXAUSTED. Today I’ve done my Latin exam, tomorrow I’ve got the Philosophy one, and on Friday I’ve got Spain history and Latin again (translation and relecctio)…

Next week I’ll be almost free (economy exam) but I’ll be able to go more relaxed.

Oh! I almost forgot! This Sunday is HALLOWEEN and there’s going to be a big party in Menta Disco, I’m sure we’ll love it. Ariadna shows you how it's gonna be in this link… Check it out babes!

And you may be asking why has she posted this photo? Oh, first of all I love The Hills, love the scenes in where Lauren and Whitney were working in Teen Vogue, did you see the reality show? And the song over it is GOING WRONG- ARMIN VAN BUUREN you can be sure once you’ve heard it you fall in love.



dimarts, 26 d’octubre de 2010


 SAM_1248SAM_1246  SAM_1256 SAM_1275 SAM_1280

Hi ya guys! Yesterday we went with the Geography people on an excursion to Lluc, a small monastery in Escorca. We went for a walk in the mountain to see the different kind of vegetation and some stones to see what had we studied in the last exam. It was a great great day, but unlucky it rained a lot, but nothing better that your bests BFF, and a coffee to talk about our lives.



dissabte, 23 d’octubre de 2010

Who’s that chick?

Too cold for you to keep her, to hot for you to leave her, who’s that chik?

Exams week numer one is done. I think that bad marks are waiting for me, but that’s OK, it was just an advice that I’ve to work more and more and more hard. For taking the stress out, I love singing this song and dance to the rhythm of the music and… tonight MAYBE some party in Consell. Just maybe because next week I'm full of exams so… We’ll see.



dimarts, 19 d’octubre de 2010

Old habits never die

SAM_1199  SAM_1200

Yeeeey guys, this is being a hard week, veeeery hard. I’ve got 3 exams and I don’t know where to start… this is not normal in senior year but what can I do?… I’m too lazy for this mad world, LOL!

Tomorrow I’ve got my Spanish exam, on Thursday the Catalan one and on Friday geography. This year definitely sucks ;) I can’t stand being with this pressure under me… so stressing.

Well, I’m leaving to study some more.



diumenge, 17 d’octubre de 2010


Hi sweeties! How’re you doing?

I’m currently heaving a good time with family and friends, relax time! School is harder that I though, but well, now there’s no way back =/. So just going straight on to achieve my goals.

These are pictures from last two weeks. The first one is from Thursday in Santi Taura’s restaurant, in Joan’s dad saint celebration. The second one is in Alcúdia, we went for a walk in the fair.



So what’s up with you? Are you heaving a great time?



dimarts, 12 d’octubre de 2010

RRRR de Rain

Hello babes! This has been a very very rainy weekend. Today I’ve decided to go for a walk with Joan after had finished my homework, and the result of this walk have been these photos. Tomorrow the holidays will be over, and back to school… AGAIN.

SAM_1178 SAM_1179 SAM_1190



dilluns, 11 d’octubre de 2010

Lady million

Hi babes! Have you seen the new Paco Rabanne advertisement? I love it, so amazing. LADY MILLION, here you are.




diumenge, 10 d’octubre de 2010


Hi darlings! How are you doing? This is being one of the most relaxed weekends I’ve ever had. Yesterday night me and Joan went to the city to have dinner in Tast, a magnific  restaurant in Palma where all the meals are little dishes with one or two pieces of some delicatessen. I love it, and I personally enjoy going there!

This evening I met Mariana for going to the football because my baby (Joan) is playing his first official match in Binissalem, I’m so nervous for seeing him playing in my own village, so proud of him!

And guys… I’ve a big deal, I’m in love with this phone:

Nokia-C3-attbut it’s a bit expensive. Can you tell me how you do for saving some money? I just can’t avoid not saving money, but I want that phone right now!!


By the way, I’ve found this amazing look of Whitney Port in my images carpet. Don’t you love it? I think I’ll copy it some day.



divendres, 8 d’octubre de 2010

saint present

Hi you guys! Today my mum bought me these booties from Marypaz. Can’t love ‘em no more! As I told you in another entry I was in love with them, now they’re on my foots. They’re soooo hot, perfect for going to Scotland on December :).

SAM_1150 SAM_1152



dimecres, 6 d’octubre de 2010

Work it!

Hello babes! This is being a hard work week. Lot of homework, and I guess this will be like this since May so… Sorry If my updates are not so good, I’ll try to do it better in some break moment :)

Snapshot_20101006_3 Since then I just can still smiling… I hate school, definitely! I’m looking forward to have finished university and start working ¬¬.



diumenge, 3 d’octubre de 2010


tyra-banks anna-dello-russo astrid-munoz-natalia-vodianova carine-roitfeld lara-stone

These are some photos from the Party of Vogue Paris, celebrating its 90 years! The birthday of one of the most loved fashion magazines was done with a mask dance.

All the looks were very special, all of them with some different touches. I’m in love with the last one (Lara Stone) because it’s the most classic, but I like the originality of the others.



dissabte, 2 d’octubre de 2010

R&R – relax and rejoice

Hey you guys, how are you doing? I’ve had a very stressing week, lot of homework, not much time and I’ve not started to study yet (as I said, no time). But this weekend I’m going to put on it and start it seriously, I swore. But between moment and moment, there must be R&R, I definitely need it and this weekend is the weekend for doing it.

Yesterday we went to the cinema to see Vampires Suck, I was a very fun film! But I’m loyal to the Twilight Saga, of course (but is never wrong seeing the world from another eyes). The truth is that is a very good parody and all the elements from the film are very well done.

So, today I let you this song from Alexandra Burke called Broken Heels. It’s about how women can do things better than them even with broken heels, you know ;).

Sooo talk to you later :)