dimarts, 21 de setembre de 2010

Scottish cookies

This is the lovely present that my Scottish girl has done to me. I just cannot like it no more! This cookies are not just delicious, they’re so fun:) Thank you Leight.

SAM_1110 SAM_1114 SAM_1116

Today we’ve met the Scottish people, I really though that they would be more sad, quiet or something like that, but nothing of that. They’re tremendously friendly, sweet, talkers, fun… All the best qualities of a person in them. Got no photos with them because I forgot the camera, but on Tuesday I’ll do lots of them, we’ve day with them, lunch at my house with Leight and after a party in Palma with other people from the Island and Scotland. Can’t wait no more!

And next post is going to be about our grap contest!



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