dijous, 30 de setembre de 2010



I just want one like the one of Riri. This pink blazer is amazing, I think I'll be able to find one in H&M, but I really don’t know it at all, so can you tell me where can I find a pink one like this?



dimecres, 29 de setembre de 2010

Twist and shout

My baby.
Yesterday it was our anniversary. 3 years together, not much compared with all the life :) It was an amazing day, full of love and happiness. I know I’m young, but I definitely know I’ve met the man of my life (and I’m glad of it).

diumenge, 26 de setembre de 2010

VERMADA 2010 (2)

Second weekend of Vermada. It’s over. Just to say that has been gorgeous in all its moments. Yesterday the coaches all the evening dancing non stop. Lot of fun, friends and muuuusic, good music.

 bona 3 5 Now tomorrow back to routine, and start seriously school, cuz this two weeks have been just like a joke.



divendres, 24 de setembre de 2010

Wave your flag








Hello guys! How has it been? I’m so proud of my life right now, every thing is on it’s way! This week Scottish guys have came to visit us, a kind of exchange with them. Our high school makes it with the pupils that have got more than a 7 at English.

Sooo, at first I was a bit embarrassed because I didn’t know what to say or what to talk about, but when I met Leigh (mybaby) I immediately knew that we were like soul sisters. She’s became like my little sister, I love her sooooo much! We loved the same clothes, the same music, the same ALL. I’m gonna miss her so much, but lucky us in December is our turn to go there! :)

I’m so excited.



dimarts, 21 de setembre de 2010

Scottish cookies

This is the lovely present that my Scottish girl has done to me. I just cannot like it no more! This cookies are not just delicious, they’re so fun:) Thank you Leight.

SAM_1110 SAM_1114 SAM_1116

Today we’ve met the Scottish people, I really though that they would be more sad, quiet or something like that, but nothing of that. They’re tremendously friendly, sweet, talkers, fun… All the best qualities of a person in them. Got no photos with them because I forgot the camera, but on Tuesday I’ll do lots of them, we’ve day with them, lunch at my house with Leight and after a party in Palma with other people from the Island and Scotland. Can’t wait no more!

And next post is going to be about our grap contest!



dilluns, 20 de setembre de 2010

Made for walking














Hi you guys!

This is the new collection of Marypaz, a shoe shop that I personally love. These booties are just amazing. Love this camel colour (I recognise it doesn’t like me much in clothes but I do like in shoes), I think that they seem just pretty and warm for winter. Don’t you think so? May can be mixed with a skinny jeans, a basic white t-shirt… On 4th of October is my saint, so I think my mum knows which is my present, LOL.



divendres, 17 de setembre de 2010


Wiiiiiiiiii-ha!! Vermada is here, god I cannot believe it, I’m sooo excited! Tomorrow is the wine party, we go and have lunch in the square all the village together dressed like in the photo of “vermadors” and after lot of party drinking winewinewinewine from Binissalem!

On Sunday we tread grapes for doing wine, it’s a contest and the quicker ones wine! It’s my first year *_*. Well, here you are a pic from last year in lunch with Marta.




dimarts, 14 de setembre de 2010


Today I’ve started high school again… and I’m already sick of it. They’ve started talking about selectivity and all that stuff, and last night I couldn’t sleep, I had tremendous insomnia so I’ve almost stayed asleep at class,LOL. History has started with prehistory and reading a selectivity test (I think it’s the worst part of history), in English we’ve done a beginning test, in Spanish we’ve rode a selectivity test, in geography, Latin and psychology the teacher has just explained what was the subject about and you know, basic things… I think they’ve depressed me, and my motto was always:


they don’t care about us – Michael Jackson

I hope being able to affront all this big thing that’s coming to me, calling me, and why not, ready for destroying me… I’m ready for the nights with non sleep, for the coffees and the sad face.


And by the way, yesterday I fell in love with one book that I found in a bookshop:

31436_10150193799765650_277129140649_13049413_6856219_n Carrie Bradshaw diaries!

I want it now, hope being able to buy it in a few because I’m going to Inca with Joan to buy some books.



diumenge, 12 de setembre de 2010

A part of my summer, share yours with me!

SAM_0595in the end of school’s party

SAM_0940in Alcúdia with family 

SAM_0974Our apartment in Alcúdia

39253_1363814207925_1008714797_786551_216293_nsay NO to bullfights 


in the movie filming with guys from the team

Dudes… Tomorrow back to school! I don’t know if being sad or happy, really now don’t know, LOL. This may be the worst year of my school time, some people say that senior year is even worst than college, I’m fuc**** scared. I’m melancholic so I’ve updated some photos from summer, some of the best moments, those that stay in mind for a looooong looooooooong time :)



divendres, 10 de setembre de 2010



I’m so excited, 3 days and I’ll be on the senior year! Yuuuuhu ^^ I can’t wait no more, I’m so nervous… I’ve got all my books, pens, bag, etc. ready. So, are you coming back to some routine? I hope being able to have everything OK, good marks you know, I really need leaving from Mallorca and go to Barcelona to study.

By the way, last night we went on a camping at Mariana’s house, sa Vinyeta, and we have had just so much fun, and I’ve just fell in love with this song, LOVE IT.

 cooler than me – mike posner



dimarts, 7 de setembre de 2010


Hi sweeties! Well, I wanna change my look, and I’m going to start for changing my hair colour. I’ve found a photo in the blog fashion girl from Gucci fall 2008 in where there are some kind of blond. Which one do you think would be the best in me?


I’m the one in the red dress

So, what do you think about?



dilluns, 6 de setembre de 2010


25_complementos_16116918_320x480 25_complementos_16116918_320x480

H&M necklace.

LOVE IT! This week I’m going to the city to buy last clothes before starting school so I’ll stop in H&M to buy it because I’ve really fell in love.



dissabte, 4 de setembre de 2010

Magic, magic, maaagic

Pursuit of happiness is over. I’ve finally found it! Today I came back with the guys from “Nos veremos en el infierno”, have had lunch with Beatriz and Martín and after we’ve gone to see a bit of filming with all the other ones.

I’ve met Daniela Costa, an amazing actress that has worked in “M.I.R” and “al salir de clase” between a lot of other projects; Ruth Díaz from “M.I.R”, “Hospital central”, “amar en tiempos revueltos”…; Raul Prieto from “la señora” and “amar en tiempos revueltos” and Valentin Paredes a very known actor who has appeared in lots of tv movies, theatre…






So you know… I think it has been the most exciting summer all over my life! Plus, this evening I went shopping and bought a shoes, an Albin skirt (the north texture, you know inspired in the last D&G collection) and a normal black cardigan.




Well this has been my amazing day, what about your summer? Have you done something special?



dijous, 2 de setembre de 2010


Hi guys, have you heard about Lanvin? They’re currently working in a project with H&M, I think it’s going to be kind of cool. The truth is that I love the work of H&M, the variety is amazing.


And today a bit of coach with guys plus himhimhim.




dimecres, 1 de setembre de 2010



Yesterday I was just too bored to no anything so I went to the shop and bought Cosmopolitan, Elle and Glamour magazines. In love with Septembers magazines, they come full of fashion information. There are lots of new trends, but I can’t stand fur boots looking like Yeti, they’re awful… Lady like is back and college, as I told you on the other update. I don’t know what’s up with camel, but I doesn’t convince me at all. I love some pieces from the Dandy look, but not a total look; I think that femme is basic in a woman.

This evening I’m going to Inca with some gurls cuz now they’re on recuperations and some extra energy is never wrong. At night coach with boys and girls, so fun :)