dijous, 12 d’agost de 2010

Hang out

Hi you there! How are you doing? I’m enjoying my last holidays month, I’ve already have all the books and all the material for start with good feet a new school year. But til’ the moment arrives, I’m heaving as fun as I can. This weekend is gonna be party and party non stop! First on Friday as I told you on the last update I’m going to a concert of catalan rock, and on Saturday we’re going to the Flower Power party in Alaró, I hope it to be as fun as always!

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Pic: me and Cris in Inca’s quintos

By the way, I just can’t take this song out of my head, have you seen Moulin Rouge the film? I love it, so addicted. I can see it everyday and don’t get tired of it. This is my favourite song. YOUR SONG :)

Talk later!



6 comentaris:

  1. wow that's a cute picture :)


  2. Bueno, XISCA que blog mas original tienes!! :)

    Acabo de ver tu comentario! :) Te sigo, y tu a mi? ;)

    Un besitoo

  3. Justo hoy me entraron las ganas de escuchar Mouline Rouge y llevo todo el día con la banda sonora en el mp4! jaja
    Me encanta tu blog! :)

  4. I love Moulin Rouge too =)
    I'm following you

  5. Awweee, thanks for your lovely comment darling :) makes us soo happy!


    best regards from Sweden :)


Thanks for those lovely coments! :) I promise I'll answer them when I'll be able. xxx