dilluns, 23 d’agost de 2010

Entertaining day

Hey you all! How are you doing? Today I’ve just gone to IKEA to buy a mirror… At the end I’ve bought a mirror and drawers separators (LOVE ‘em, they’re so practical). It was a kind of adventure, me and Joan into IKEA don’t knowing where to go, lots of laughs :)


“I’ve bought 4 like this one”

And in the evening I felt like missing my girls so went for a walk with them. But first of all we went to Neus house. Her room is an amazing place full of photos and other things in the wall, the walls are made of cork so she can put everything everywhere.

SAM_1064 SAM_1063

After we went to the “txiri” and have had some girls talks ;) I was missing days like those. By the way, I was thinking about getting some blond, what do you think about?

So, have you got anything practical in your room like drawers separators?



9 comentaris:

  1. Me encantan las gafas, son geniales y originales:)
    Por cierto, la foto de la voltereta soy yo!

  2. Yo me compré el otro día en un bazar chino una caja con separadores para la bisutería super bonita! me encantan :) y con respecto a Ikea me paso horas ojeando la revista, todo lo que sea deco me chifla!

  3. me encantan las gafas!
    te sigo, un beso :)

  4. Me encantan las gafas, son muy de mi estilo!

  5. Que bonitas las gafass!
    me encantan sobre todo las que tienen un estampado como de leopardo! me enamore hace poco de unas asi que tenian en stradivarius jajaja(L)
    Un besoo gracias por pasarte guapa! tu blog esta muy muy bien:)


Thanks for those lovely coments! :) I promise I'll answer them when I'll be able. xxx