dilluns, 26 de juliol de 2010


Hi guys, today I wanna talk to you about an issue that I personally think that is very important and overestimated for the most of people: bullfighting.

I’m totally against that kind of violence with animals, I can’t understand how people can enjoy seeing them dying…

Yesterday I went with some friends to a manifestation in Alcúdia to protest for it, there were lots of people and it was simply amazing! And of course we could see which ones were the good and which ones were the bad… The ones that were ok with bullfighting hit some guys from the manifestation, two guys from the band that were going to play music in the square left there and says that they were thinking like us, so they joined us. But the best of all is that a guy that’s living in front of the bullring went out the window and started to shout at people that were going there: you’re such a killers, guys follow fighting I’m with you!!! And we were really happy to see how everyday we’re more and more… But after it his mum came and started to hit him because she wasn’t agree with his son ideology… What a fuc**** mum! God T_T

So just saying that everyone can defense what they think is the best, but I hope that you, readers, will be able to see all that murder, and join us to save that poor animals…





“all the photos were taken yesterday by people from the manifestation, I know that may the first one is a little shocking, but I really think I had to show you…”

I don’t wanna offend anyone, and thank you for spending your time reading it and watching the photos :)



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  1. Menos mal que aun hay gente que tiene etica! Aparte de esto, esta el ajuntament que no pueden pensar en la buena labor que hacen los refugios de animales, ya que yo trabajo alli de voluntaria y no te puedes imaginar lo que esta pasando el refugio, lo quieren cerrar y todo por unos vecinos que se quejan del ''ruido'' que es inperceptible, pero tienen influencia, bueno mira la pagina web que alli esta todo mas explicado! http://www.centrocaninointernacional.org/

    un besote xisca (L)


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