dijous, 22 de juliol de 2010

Going on holidays!

Hi bitches :) How are you doing?

I could be heavin a better summer, it’s being amazing! Yesterday my American girl Ariadna came back from California, full of stories and gifts for all of us :) We also had some things to tell her, just full of hugs and kisses. She gave me a Victoria’s secret panties with the Columbia’s university logo in the back, I LOVE HER! And if it was not enough she told me that I could take her Teen Vogue magazine, I’m in love with this magazine but here we just can read it by internet.

Plus, yesterday me and Joan founded an abandoned cat, so little that it just have 4 teeth… Her name is –fusteta- in english little hood hahaha because she(well, its a female) loves playing with hood.

And the final new and the most exciting is that I’m going for a week to spend some relax time to Alcúdia, a beach village where there are my favourite discos and a beach full of foreigners from all Europe (specially England and Germany), so I’ll be able to practice this two adorable languages. I’ve made a selection with which clothes I have to take there, here there are some ideas:

In da beach


out da beach


I wanna be comfortable inside and outside the water, God, I’m so excited! I’ve not been there since 3 years ago.

Well keep in touch yep?



6 comentaris:

  1. Happy holidays hun!I'm sure you'll look great!

  2. ya me contarás que tal tus vacaciones! por cierto, sabes donde puedo encontrar un bolso como el del grupo de imágenes de In da beach? un muá:)

  3. Me encantan los gatitos! ¿Te lo has quedado? Me gustaría mucho ver un foto.
    Espero que te lo pases genial de vacaciones guapísima!
    Te sigo :)

  4. Have fun!
    I love the polka dot bikini and the coral dress :)
    xox cathy.

  5. que bé que t'hagin agradat es regals dels Estats Units! Necessitava vorer-vos ja després de tant de temps. Passat-ho super bé per Alcudia
    xoxo Ariadna

    PS. Ariadna's Closet ha vuelto! jajaja


Thanks for those lovely coments! :) I promise I'll answer them when I'll be able. xxx