dilluns, 5 de juliol de 2010


Hi guys! How are you doing?

I was looking some photos from Glastonbury’s festival and I saw some amazing looks! Love how people dress in music festivals, so fresh and free.

If next year I leave to live in Barcelona I hope being able to go to any festival of that kind.

Glastonbury6 Glastonbury5

Glastonbury4 alexa chung glastonbury

Glastonbury3 Glastonbury2

What do you think about ‘em? Do you like music festivals? Which one is your favourite?

P.S: Sorry for not updating with own photos, currently I’m not doing photos (I use to forgot camera at home), but now that parties are coming I’ll have a lot of them.



6 comentaris:

  1. me gustan mucho los looks, me encantan los dos últimos! y de festivales, pues nunca he ido a uno, pero en agosto espero ir al FIV, uno que hay en Villalba (Lugo) vienen Love of lesbian y Zenttric!^^
    un beso enorrme

  2. si, la verdad es que ir plana a todo (excepto a las grandes parties) es algo genial!
    te vas a vivir a barcelona el año k viene? k suerte hija, alli podras ir a muuuchos eventos.

  3. me encantan estos looks festivaleros!!sobre todo el 1º con ese cardigan turquesa!y el ultimo con mono de lunares+denim;P
    xxxx y mil gracias por visitar mi blog!!vuelve pronto;P


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