dimarts, 6 de juliol de 2010



Today’s gonna be a good day, I can feel it in the air… lelelele. How are you doing guys? I’ve waked up singing, LOL. It’s being a pretty sunny day, but the weather is may too hot. While, I’m relaxing taking the sun in the garden and listening a little bit of the HIVES. I’m in love with their songs! They rock.

I’ve been waiting two years for being able to going to BALEARIC TRENDS, a kind of little Cibeles from Balearic Islands haha. A friend of mine has gone other years and she fell in love with it. She said that there’re amazing designers and all the structure is great. Well.. We’ll have to wait! But since the moment arrive, we’ve got a LOT OF PARTY! This Saturday village parties are getting started, firs of all summer carnival in Lloseta, as always it’s gonna be amazing, and there are Biniali’s parties too. And the following week SUB URBAN FESTIVAL in BINISSALEM, my village. I’ts a festival of electronic music, you know, house, techno… It’s really cool because the greatest DJ’S are comming to town.

Are you heaving big parties? Well, just have fun, parties or not :)



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  1. que buen blog..
    lindas fotos
    gracias por pasar por el mio, te espero siempre :)


  2. Pues mi padre me consiguió dos invitaciones para asistir al desfile de David Delfín.
    Y otros años he ido solamente a cibelespacio.


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