dijous, 29 de juliol de 2010

Party 28/07/10

Yesterday was an amazing day. First I went to buy some furniture for my room, did I say that I’m renewing my room? Well, so that. After I went to Inca with some friends to see “los 40 principales” concert, but surprise! Before all that we went to a fashion show by IRENE PEUKES, the truth is that it was a very young line, full of energy and happy colours, well here you have some photos:





After we went to see the concert, I think it was ok, but everyday I’m more disconnected from pop music, I’m more in R&B, love it :)


And now weekend is comming, it’s gonna be amazing!! On Friday INC’MON music festival, and on Saturday Inca’s quintos, well full weekend :)

So what about you?



dilluns, 26 de juliol de 2010


Hi guys, today I wanna talk to you about an issue that I personally think that is very important and overestimated for the most of people: bullfighting.

I’m totally against that kind of violence with animals, I can’t understand how people can enjoy seeing them dying…

Yesterday I went with some friends to a manifestation in Alcúdia to protest for it, there were lots of people and it was simply amazing! And of course we could see which ones were the good and which ones were the bad… The ones that were ok with bullfighting hit some guys from the manifestation, two guys from the band that were going to play music in the square left there and says that they were thinking like us, so they joined us. But the best of all is that a guy that’s living in front of the bullring went out the window and started to shout at people that were going there: you’re such a killers, guys follow fighting I’m with you!!! And we were really happy to see how everyday we’re more and more… But after it his mum came and started to hit him because she wasn’t agree with his son ideology… What a fuc**** mum! God T_T

So just saying that everyone can defense what they think is the best, but I hope that you, readers, will be able to see all that murder, and join us to save that poor animals…





“all the photos were taken yesterday by people from the manifestation, I know that may the first one is a little shocking, but I really think I had to show you…”

I don’t wanna offend anyone, and thank you for spending your time reading it and watching the photos :)



dijous, 22 de juliol de 2010

Going on holidays!

Hi bitches :) How are you doing?

I could be heavin a better summer, it’s being amazing! Yesterday my American girl Ariadna came back from California, full of stories and gifts for all of us :) We also had some things to tell her, just full of hugs and kisses. She gave me a Victoria’s secret panties with the Columbia’s university logo in the back, I LOVE HER! And if it was not enough she told me that I could take her Teen Vogue magazine, I’m in love with this magazine but here we just can read it by internet.

Plus, yesterday me and Joan founded an abandoned cat, so little that it just have 4 teeth… Her name is –fusteta- in english little hood hahaha because she(well, its a female) loves playing with hood.

And the final new and the most exciting is that I’m going for a week to spend some relax time to Alcúdia, a beach village where there are my favourite discos and a beach full of foreigners from all Europe (specially England and Germany), so I’ll be able to practice this two adorable languages. I’ve made a selection with which clothes I have to take there, here there are some ideas:

In da beach


out da beach


I wanna be comfortable inside and outside the water, God, I’m so excited! I’ve not been there since 3 years ago.

Well keep in touch yep?



dissabte, 17 de juliol de 2010


Hi guys!

Yesterday I went shopping and I just found some items that I love! It was a bit hard because I had been looking for something cute all around town, but since I get to Zara, Fridays Project, etc… I didn’t found NOTHING! H&M was devastated for sales, I hate it!

But finally I found that, hope you like ‘em!






Hope you all are heavin’ a great summer.



diumenge, 11 de juliol de 2010


Hello boys and girls! How are you doing? My summer is being as much relaxed as it can be. Some parties, beach everyday, sun, waves…

A friend of my family is film director and has invited me to spend some days in the filming with them, I’m so excited! I’ll go and I’ll se how a film works, how can a film being seen behind cameras.

Next week on 22 I’ve got my car test, but since then, I’ve started going to “verbenes”, village parties, they are awesome! I swear that people who’s living in town don’t know what this is, it’s so different.

Yesterday in Biniali, a town of 2000 persons if it arrives, there were like 3000 in the street dancing! THAT WAS AMAZING.


And today I’m going to watch the new one of Shrek in 3D :)

Have you seen it? I’m in love with it LOL.



dimecres, 7 de juliol de 2010


I’m in love with how they looked! So cute. A very famous couple that changed the point of view of a big part of the world.
Yoko Ono y John Lennon lennon-john-photo-xl-john-lennon-and-yoko-ono-6211100
“Yoko Ono y John Lennon wedding”

dimarts, 6 de juliol de 2010



Today’s gonna be a good day, I can feel it in the air… lelelele. How are you doing guys? I’ve waked up singing, LOL. It’s being a pretty sunny day, but the weather is may too hot. While, I’m relaxing taking the sun in the garden and listening a little bit of the HIVES. I’m in love with their songs! They rock.

I’ve been waiting two years for being able to going to BALEARIC TRENDS, a kind of little Cibeles from Balearic Islands haha. A friend of mine has gone other years and she fell in love with it. She said that there’re amazing designers and all the structure is great. Well.. We’ll have to wait! But since the moment arrive, we’ve got a LOT OF PARTY! This Saturday village parties are getting started, firs of all summer carnival in Lloseta, as always it’s gonna be amazing, and there are Biniali’s parties too. And the following week SUB URBAN FESTIVAL in BINISSALEM, my village. I’ts a festival of electronic music, you know, house, techno… It’s really cool because the greatest DJ’S are comming to town.

Are you heaving big parties? Well, just have fun, parties or not :)



dilluns, 5 de juliol de 2010


Hi guys! How are you doing?

I was looking some photos from Glastonbury’s festival and I saw some amazing looks! Love how people dress in music festivals, so fresh and free.

If next year I leave to live in Barcelona I hope being able to go to any festival of that kind.

Glastonbury6 Glastonbury5

Glastonbury4 alexa chung glastonbury

Glastonbury3 Glastonbury2

What do you think about ‘em? Do you like music festivals? Which one is your favourite?

P.S: Sorry for not updating with own photos, currently I’m not doing photos (I use to forgot camera at home), but now that parties are coming I’ll have a lot of them.



diumenge, 4 de juliol de 2010



prada autumwinter 10-11



This is how PRADA is coming for next autumn-winter. I’m in love with those looks! I may won’t be able to pay Prada’s prices, but I really hope that some low-cost companies would do some clones. Tonalities are dark with sad colours, but textures are so cool. They took me back to 50s and 60s years, I’m in love with clothes from that times.

Wool is going to be the most used textures and prints are very varied. You can see a sober woman, getting free. LOVE IT! By the way, war print appears too, what do you think about it? I really don’t like it but… I can accept it LOL.



dijous, 1 de juliol de 2010


Hey guys! How’s it going? I was listening music and I’ve just found that song called “5AM”:

I love it! Do you like it? Brr, tomorrow me and Joan are going to the cinema to see “eclipse”, the new one from the twilight saga. I’m totally obsessed with it LOL.

Have you seen it? Are you going to?

And thanks a lot to Tere for this amazing gift :)

httpgatitafashionconojiospexoxos.blogspot.com201006futbol-look-premios-concurso.html y httpwww.bellezayestilo.com201006mi-primer-premio.html



Missing em’

Those days I’ve not been able to go for a walk with my loves, I wanna see them now! And, bff, the weather is horrible, I’m dying of heat. The sun is too warm, and on TV said that some storms were coming… Still waiting ¬¬.


I’m missing those moments with my old class,the one with the shorts and a fluo belt is moi, running to the canoe. That day was just… Wow, amazing! I would like to repeat it.

Well, I’m going to the car school!