dimecres, 30 de juny de 2010

Time in summer?

Hi dudes! How’s it going?

I’ve always thought that in summer people used to have time to spend in themselves… FALSE! I can’t no breath. I’m all day moving around, in the morning & evening I go to the car school because this way I’ll be able to do the exam before, I’ve to do summer homework because I’ve to be really prepared for next year and plus I’ve to start to organise the house again (I use to do it every summer).


And if it was not enough, the fucking sun has taken over my freckles again… I hate this part of summer.

Last week I went everyday to the beach, so I get some skin colour, well, maybe you can’t see it, but I do! Hum. I’m so proud of myself… Normally I use to finish summer as white as milk, I’ve got a very very strange skin, I’ve to recognise it. I never get colourised, no red, no brown, no nothing. I hate it.

Well, I’m leaving, I’ve to go to the city to buy some things! :)



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  2. Awwwwwww, I love the freckles! They look so cute on you. When I was younger I was so sad cause I don't have any so sometimes I even try to do some with make up. XD
    About skin colour- you're not the only one. I'm always pale, no matter of the season. :/

  3. I'm a little sad at my skin, it takes me the whole season to tan a little, then about one month to fade back to paleness. :(

    xx miss anonymous.

  4. pasate por mi blog k tienes un pekeño premio
    besines :D

  5. pues me encantan como te quedan las pecas!, las fotos son preciosas!^^
    pues sí, voy a presentarme en septiembre, pero por si acaso no me da la nota en septiembre (espero que sí haha) pues me he matriculado en un ciclo para seguir por ahí y acceder a la carrera :)
    buen día! ^^

  6. Oye, tómatelo con calma y no hagas tanta tarea. A mí me gustan tus pecas mucho! De verdad.

    B* a la Moda


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