dimecres, 30 de juny de 2010

Time in summer?

Hi dudes! How’s it going?

I’ve always thought that in summer people used to have time to spend in themselves… FALSE! I can’t no breath. I’m all day moving around, in the morning & evening I go to the car school because this way I’ll be able to do the exam before, I’ve to do summer homework because I’ve to be really prepared for next year and plus I’ve to start to organise the house again (I use to do it every summer).


And if it was not enough, the fucking sun has taken over my freckles again… I hate this part of summer.

Last week I went everyday to the beach, so I get some skin colour, well, maybe you can’t see it, but I do! Hum. I’m so proud of myself… Normally I use to finish summer as white as milk, I’ve got a very very strange skin, I’ve to recognise it. I never get colourised, no red, no brown, no nothing. I hate it.

Well, I’m leaving, I’ve to go to the city to buy some things! :)



diumenge, 27 de juny de 2010

Bon Voyage

Hi dudes! How are you doing? I’m a little bit sad because my favourite tropical girl has left to L.A. She’s right now doing surf, meeting Californian people… I really envy her!


But in the other hand… I’m really excited because she’s gonna be here in July in the parties of our village. Is going to be her first SUB URBAN party, and she’ll be with us!

By the way, tomorrow I start the car school, I’m so excited! I’m glad of it, because I’ll be busy all month, now in summer I had no thing to do, so I’ve got a lot of free time and I don’t wanna get bored :). I really hope that in August I’ll be able to have the theory, and next year the practice! I do it this year because I don’t wanna do all  that next… I think that would be too much! So, how was your exam? Was it easy?



dissabte, 26 de juny de 2010


 Hi you! How’s it going?
Today I was just looking one of my fab blogs "jak&jil" and I just fell in love with those photos. You’ll see, I’m in love with fluor colours, so when I say that pics, I immediately felt more active! Don’t you feel better when you see that electric colours?
Well, today I’m going to the beach, we’ll see if we go to “ses covetes” or to another one, but what I’ve got really clear is that I don’t want any seaweed, LOL, I hate ‘em totally.
And at night maybe a little party with my people. So freaking fantastic!

diumenge, 20 de juny de 2010

Good life


Hi boys and girls :)

How’re you doing? Are you heaving a refreshing summer beginning?

I’m heaving the most relaxing weekend since... Well, I can’t even remember. I’ve already finished high school, so now I’M FREE! I can remember last year in that same moment, me thinking about if they were going to accept me in high school, if i would be able to pass my EOI exams, how was first of high school going to be... nervous on skin, you know. And now, i just can think about how fast time goes on, all the people I’ve met, all the moments we’ve shared, etc.

I’m starting to be melancholy because I know that there are some persons that I won’t see next year, and I don’t like that idea... But the road goes on, and I really have to concentrate in my future, in 2nd of high school, and start to practice for heaving good marks.

And if there’s someone who’s reading my blog and is nervous to know if 1st is difficult, I just can say that working hard, you’ll be able to get far. On my first and second quarter I was nervous because my marks weren’t good enough, I was super sad and my world was going down. But once I read "The world does not move for people who triumphs, it does for people who fall and decides to succeed"

So nothing more to say that hope that all you, being studying, being working, or doing whatever, have the greatest summer of all your life.

On Friday me and Joan went to Alcúdia to dinner and go for a walk at the beach. It was a totally relaxing night, full of good moments and love:)



And yesterday we went to Palma, to remember old times and to buy swim clothes for we both.

Mine are those:



I love this bikini because I think that lace is really femme and this colour is really pure, is really innocent you know? I love it.

And yes, we went for a walk to the nice gardens near of the cathedral. Sorry for not heaving pictures of them, someday I’ll show you how they are.


And talking about fashion... The other day I was looking inside H&M magazine’s web, and I just saw that amazing dress. I fall in love at moment.


Isn’t beautiful? I think it’s the dress of my summer, I really have to get it, it looks so good... Have you seen it in some store? I went to H&M of Palma but it wasn’t there.

And I wanted to show you another bikinis that I want too!


I went to the shop yesterday but there were just top pieces... Why does women just buy slip? What a mystery :)

Well, are you heaving any interesting new? Is it raining in where you are? Sunshine?



diumenge, 13 de juny de 2010


Hello darlings! How’s it going?
God, I can’t stand that frenetic lifestyle... Party + work + party + work. You know? There’s just no time!
On Friday we celebrated our course ending, so fantastic! We went to dinner at Maremar, a chic club in Platjes de Muro, near Alcudia.
The view was breathtaking, we were in front of the sea.
We had dinner, and finally before leave, we drunk some mojitos, so delicious! I love their flavour. We took some photos, take a taxi and went to the party.
In my opinion there were too many people, but anyway it was fantastic. The dress is of Pepe Jeans, I love it, so red, and it looks so nice :).

Changing the issue...
This morning me and Joan have gone to Selva because today’s the "fira de ses herbes", so beautiful! I’ve decided to wear this because I thought it was fresh, don’t you think so?
I’m in love with this dress, it was from my mum when she was young like me, and 30 years after I’m able to wear it! She made some arrangements and it looks like new. Actually she made it by herself because she was dressmaker.
Oh I almost forgot! The other day we found that little cat in Joan grandma’s house, isn’t lovely?
And finally, thank you so muchh ESTHER! From http://esterplace.blogspot.com/.
and sorry for not heaving posted it before, I didn’t saw it! (L)


dissabte, 5 de juny de 2010



Hi guys! How’s it going? Sorry, so so so sorry for not updating... Time is not enough and I think it’s running out. I think that if I work hard I’ll be able to have the mark that I want, but you know, just WORKING HARD.

While I’ll be preparing all... Some little of party wont be bad for the body, isn’t it? And plus, next Friday is going to the the BIG SCHOOL ENDING PARTY.

I let you some random photos, since next post!

SAM_0528 SAM_0529 SAM_0530 Snapshot_20100605_4