dissabte, 22 de maig de 2010

L’últim combat+


Hello babes! How’s it going? Nice weekend? Mine is going to be with "the face on the book", LOL. Exams are no ending and are no starting... God, I really hate being in the middle of this! But as Rihanna says, "I’M HARD, and no pain is for ever"

This song is just amazing, it brings you a supernatural motivation, just what I need right now. It’s really frustrating knowing that your marks for going to the university depends of this last month... And I have to admit that I’m horrible lazy, but when I want something I got it too.

By the way I’ve passed all my exams from the EOI, and I officially have the title of ADVANCED 1! One more course and I’ll have my final title of English! But I think that this year I won’t go, i prefer concentrate in school, I really need it. And actually with this new selectivity I don’t know how does it really works... You know? It sucks. You can actually see what I’m made of these days


This evening I’m going to Selva to see Joan playing football, I know, I know I should be studying but he’s really excited with me going to see him.

By the way, I think I really need going for a coffee with my girls, I miss them so much.

But until all that shit of exams and that won’t have finished, I won’t be able to do lots of things... Good look for all those people who are doing the final exams and going for the selectivity! And too for those who’re in the university :)

I think I’ll still a bit more in my world, and we’ll see.




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  2. Congrats on passing your exams... now you can relax a little and enjoy the weekend. I love your pic... you are so pretty and so fresh! xoxo

  3. AHHH, yo empiezo los examenes el 25 y hasta el 9 de junio no paro:(((

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  5. Mcuhísima suerte
    con la seleec:)

    Un muáá enorrme!

  6. Hehehe jo no faig la selectivitat! :) he dit aquest darrer mes perquè els examens durant el curs no m'han anat molt bé i ara depenc d'aquest darrer més. per això estic tan estressada! T_T
    Però gràcies (L)

    No hago la sele, son los examenes finales de 1º :)

  7. Suerte en la recta final! Estás muy guapa en la foto =)


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