dissabte, 29 de maig de 2010



Yesterday we went to Alcudia to celebrate the end of the course, and it was totally mad! We danced all night, and we went to MAGIC to see "LA DIOSA, the white experience". It was super cool, I really enjoyed it!

I made some photos, so you’ll be able to have an idea about how the party was.

SAM_0492 SAM_0493

Today is the "fira de Sa Pedra" in my town, so you know, more party! And at night I’ve got my beloved friend’s birthday MAGDA (L)

It’s a non stop weekend, and I really have to study, but there’s no time :)

By the way, the other day I went with Gis, Manu and Anto to have a coke in Inca, we spent some hours full of fun! They’re my all, I admit it.ç


So, we’ll talk later.



4 comentaris:

  1. Que preciosidad! :)
    me gusta muchisimo el blog, se nota que lo pasasteis bien! :)

  2. Parece que lo pasateis muy bien! Me alegro!

    Si quieres pasate por mi blog y si te gusta, sigueme (:

  3. pues tú disfruta mucho que seguro que cuando te pones a estudiar una de las cosas que más motivan es pensar en los momentos de diversión. besos


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