dimarts, 4 de maig de 2010




Fuck, can you see how bored I am? LOL! There’s a group on facebook that says something like "Is not that I don’t study, is just that I don’t do photos while I’m studying.." I can’t say the same, haha, I usually do photos when I’m studying and when I leave for a party I don’t do photos, because my camera is not right or because I forget taking it...But I promise that now heaving my new camera, I’ll do a lot and a lot of photos. Am I a disaster? Am I going backset? Hum, maybe!

By the way, today I’ve discovered that song from Little Boots, and I just love it!

About weather... I still iced. In the last post I commented you that there are snow in the mountains. I really want summer to come and forget days like this:


What about the weather in where you are?



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  1. tienes razaon a mi me pasa lo mismocon lo de las fotos

  2. Jaja exactamnte lo mismo que yo...
    Creo que se llama aburrimiento masivo!
    EL tiempo...creíamos que bien peeeeeeeero,
    ahí esta ese magnifico AIRE que l cngela todo^^
    All you need is SUMMER(8)


  3. Aqui ayer diluvio y hoy ha dejado de llover, pero ha hecho aire..muuuuucho aire jajaja

  4. En Madrid a vuelto el frío. Te veo muy concentrada con los libros. :)

    B* a la Moda


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