diumenge, 30 de maig de 2010

“Sa pedra” ROCK


What a weekend! I’m too tired, I’m done, I can’t even move XD! This weekend has totally been THE WEEKEND. Lot of music (all kind of it), dancing non stop, and friends all around. I was looking for party and I found party, now I just want a break...

SAM_0495 SAM_0496SAM_0500

Today is going to be a really hard study day, this week... I think I’ll die LOL. In 4 days I’ve to be tested of Greek(full course), economy, Spanish(full course) and Catalan(some units).

How the hell can I organise my time?



dissabte, 29 de maig de 2010



Yesterday we went to Alcudia to celebrate the end of the course, and it was totally mad! We danced all night, and we went to MAGIC to see "LA DIOSA, the white experience". It was super cool, I really enjoyed it!

I made some photos, so you’ll be able to have an idea about how the party was.

SAM_0492 SAM_0493

Today is the "fira de Sa Pedra" in my town, so you know, more party! And at night I’ve got my beloved friend’s birthday MAGDA (L)

It’s a non stop weekend, and I really have to study, but there’s no time :)

By the way, the other day I went with Gis, Manu and Anto to have a coke in Inca, we spent some hours full of fun! They’re my all, I admit it.ç


So, we’ll talk later.



dilluns, 24 de maig de 2010

It’s gonna be a hot summer


Hi darlings! I’m sorry if my posts lately are boring but I’m not doing nothing interesting. I promise that in a few I’ll be attending to the blog again.

While that I’m suffering a heat-wave and I need going to the beach NOW!

I’ve been looking for some bikini with a PIN-UP style, just like the one of Chanel that’s under the text. I would like it to be blue/red and white, with some little decoration that makes it sexy but innocent at the same time, you know? I saw one from Blanco, and I fell in love, but I don’t know if they still being there.

Well that’s my selection:


h&m i eres  TOP: H&M PANTIES: Eres

louis vuitton LOUIS VUITTON

Do you know some place where to found a clone of these but in a low prince?



dissabte, 22 de maig de 2010

L’últim combat+


Hello babes! How’s it going? Nice weekend? Mine is going to be with "the face on the book", LOL. Exams are no ending and are no starting... God, I really hate being in the middle of this! But as Rihanna says, "I’M HARD, and no pain is for ever"

This song is just amazing, it brings you a supernatural motivation, just what I need right now. It’s really frustrating knowing that your marks for going to the university depends of this last month... And I have to admit that I’m horrible lazy, but when I want something I got it too.

By the way I’ve passed all my exams from the EOI, and I officially have the title of ADVANCED 1! One more course and I’ll have my final title of English! But I think that this year I won’t go, i prefer concentrate in school, I really need it. And actually with this new selectivity I don’t know how does it really works... You know? It sucks. You can actually see what I’m made of these days


This evening I’m going to Selva to see Joan playing football, I know, I know I should be studying but he’s really excited with me going to see him.

By the way, I think I really need going for a coffee with my girls, I miss them so much.

But until all that shit of exams and that won’t have finished, I won’t be able to do lots of things... Good look for all those people who are doing the final exams and going for the selectivity! And too for those who’re in the university :)

I think I’ll still a bit more in my world, and we’ll see.




dilluns, 17 de maig de 2010



Have you seen it? I really don’t understand it at all... But I like it!

We can’t understand everything always, isn’t right?


By the way, congratulations to EL BARÇA for that amazing League!

"tenim un nom que el sap tothom: BARÇA, BARÇA, BARÇA!"

Barca_falla "newspaper - El país"

This time is being a little complicated for me... I’m getting depressed because I see everyday the second year students doing their final exams and totally stressed and now they’re getting ready to deal with the selectivity, and I think Oh my god! It’s me in one year!

I mean, I’m going to go crazy, I’m totally nervous this year, that I still in first, imagine in second... Wow I can see the university closer and closer. The truth is that this year has been better than I thought, and this quarter I’m heaving the best marks of the three quarters, I’m proud of myself hahaha.

Well, I’m sorry if I don’t update, I don’t know how I’m going to be, or doing what, so hope you’ll have a really amazing week.

cats "photo from last September"



dimarts, 11 de maig de 2010

From China, with love.


I just can say WOW! Have you seen the photo shoot that did Beatriz Montañez from "el intermedio" for the magazine DT?

When I’ve seen the photos I was really ... :O hahaha, she’s an amazing journalist and she has proved with these photos that a great model too.





She’s looking like a pin-up geisha, really sexy but elegant too. I’m in love with all the clothes that she’s wearing, specially the 2nd corsé and the last dress, which colour I think is fabulous and it really looks good with her skin colour.

So, what do you think? Do you like her as a model? Am I starting to being obsessed with the China’s culture? Hum... I can’t avoid that ;)



dilluns, 10 de maig de 2010



Hello babes! How’s it going? Mi Monday couldn’t be MORE perfect. In school have given us some marks of the last tests, and the truth is that they are good! I think that I’ll be able to go to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona :) Well, I know that first of all I have to pass all my exams and 2nd of bax. but while I’m waiting, I can dream, not really? Tomorrow I’ve got a science exam and this evening two final exams in the EOI, but I’m not stress, I think that whatever will be, will be.

Yesterday me and Joan went to lunch at Don Vito, a pizzeria in Alcúdia. I love their pizzas! After that we went to relax at the beach, there were a little bit of wind but the temperature were perfect!



By the way, have you eared the new song of Katy Perry? "California gurls"

I’m in love with it, I’m sorry I can’t update it because the video is not available, but soon :)



diumenge, 9 de maig de 2010

Oh yesterday ++



That word describes all night. I can’t move my neck, my foots hurts... Oh my god one of the best nights ever! I’m in love with the work of this year of the CORRELLENGUA, they’ve done it GREAT. All the concerts have been amazing, people is really cool and I had the luck that yesterday my loves came with me to the concert! I just LOVE THEM! At the end were me, Gis, Anto, Manuel and Joan.

Here you are some photos.





Today I’ll go to lunch at Alcúdia with my love, and after we’ll go for a walk at the beach :)



dissabte, 8 de maig de 2010

Xisca just wanna have fun ;)


This is the outfit that I'm wearing today for the Lax’n’busto’s concert, this is gonna be AMAZING! I just can’t wait for it :)



Are you doing something special this weekend?



divendres, 7 de maig de 2010

Un lloc inòspit++

Hi bloggers! How’s it going? I’m super glad because today is starting a GREAT weekend! All the exams are over, and I think they’ve gone well :).
Yesterday Joan took me to a magic place in the mountain. He closed my eyes since we arrived to the place, and after taking my hands and closing my eyes he conduced me to the river.
Isn’t it wonderful?
Tomorrow we’re going to the Lax’n’Busto concert in Petra, I think it’s gonna be MAD! Just can’t wait for it ;).
So, hope you’ll have a nice weekend, keep on touch!

dimecres, 5 de maig de 2010



SAM_0239  SAM_0250


Those pictures are from yesterday evening, while I should be studying the catalanoaragonesa crown and Ramon Llull... You know ;)

By now, I’ve passed all my exams from the EOI, I’m super glad! But next week are coming the final ones, and I’m scared.

Today another day of intensity studying, god I hate it! I really wanna be on 18th July. I WANNAAAAAA!

As you can see the weather has improved a little; this wonderful sunset is from yesterday.



Enjoy your week if you can, and please, don't get stressed, with me is enough hahaha.



Sweet bones ++






Hi sweeties! How is it going? I was just watching some fashion news in Vogue’s page, and I’ve seen those items which I have fell in love. The nude colour is driving me crazy, This summer I’ll wear it a lot! By the flowers, of course... you know they are my must, LOL.

My day is being good, the sun is starting to shine again, but the cold won’t go and there are some clouds... At the end I’ve not done the German exam, I’ll do it on Friday with the Latin exam. Tomorrow I’ve got a difficult Catalan exam, I really hope pass it! Final exams are coming and the stress is growing.

Since June I think I’ll still mad about school, so I’ll better take it easy, and work hard!


This evening I’ll have to go to the EOI to do another exam and after back home and still studying... Talk later :)



dimarts, 4 de maig de 2010




Fuck, can you see how bored I am? LOL! There’s a group on facebook that says something like "Is not that I don’t study, is just that I don’t do photos while I’m studying.." I can’t say the same, haha, I usually do photos when I’m studying and when I leave for a party I don’t do photos, because my camera is not right or because I forget taking it...But I promise that now heaving my new camera, I’ll do a lot and a lot of photos. Am I a disaster? Am I going backset? Hum, maybe!

By the way, today I’ve discovered that song from Little Boots, and I just love it!

About weather... I still iced. In the last post I commented you that there are snow in the mountains. I really want summer to come and forget days like this:


What about the weather in where you are?



Gettin’ mad


Hi guys! How’s it going? My day is being a little strange... I had two exams today, but I’ve just done one because the German teacher hadn’t come. The English exam has been easy, well, easy depending how you see it... There were questions and questions.

After, while we were coming home by bus I’ve seen snow in the mountain. Can you believe it? In May, snow in the mountain... I was totally freaking out. The truth is that this morning the weather was bitter cold, I’m wearing one shirt and two jackets. I thought I won’t wear that kind of clothes no more since next autumn.




And you know, another evening studying German... God, I hate it!



dilluns, 3 de maig de 2010



Here you are some pictures of my new camera. I totally love it! It’s a samsung, and the sharpness of the photos is just amazing.

Here you are some photos that I’ve done:

SAM_0014 SAM_0024 SAM_0025

And this is the camera! It’s not pink, because at the end I’ve found this one which has better quality.

Snapshot_20100503 Snapshot_20100503_3 Snapshot_20100503_5


The weather today is horrible, thanks god today I’ve not had school, but anyway, this evening I’ve got to go to the EOI and do a grammar exam... I totally hate it. But lucky, this Wednesday is the last class day in the EOI, next week is exam’s week... Hope pass all my exams!

Well, talk later, I’m going to take some photos.



diumenge, 2 de maig de 2010

Charming day ++

This has been definitely a "charming" day.
First of all lunch at home with the family and Joan. Lovely meal, cava, and that delicious strawberries cake (candles are 17 for me and 19 for Joan). On the evening we went to Palma to see the sunset, and after we’ve gone for a walk at the avenue.
Tomorrow there’s not school, so I’m going to buy a new camera. How I said in the last post (where’s there’s a photo of the one that I want), It’s going to be a digital and compact camera, I want something small but with a high definition. I’ll show you on the evening, hope have done some photo!