dissabte, 24 d’abril de 2010

Weekend ++

Hi guys, have you had a nice week? Mine has been normal, yeah I’ve had a nice week. No exams, lots of homework… You know, as always. But weekend is starting pretty cool! Yesterday I went to Cris house to have dinner with angismagcrisxis and Mari & Manuel. That was just an amazing night, lots of laughs, pizzas, ice creams… Well, you can imagine.
This morning I went to the city (Palma) with Joan to buy something that he needed for football. After I came back home and I’ve studied a little bit of Greek because next week is full of exams… God, I wanna summer to come right now! Well, now we’ll go to “es Correllengua”, it’s a kind of tribute to the català that is done in Mallorca, Catalunya and València. There’s a flame and is just like the flame of the Olympic Games, they take the flame to all the villages of Mallorca.
This evening I’ll go to Selva, to see my mendonguilla playing football. I’ve met selvatgines, long time ago without seeing them! I really miss my girls.
I’ve listened that song which I fell in love:
Furthermore, tonight I wanna hang out, but don’t know where, LOL! Well, keep in touch :)

7 comentaris:

  1. Me encanta esa canción*.*
    Y..que bien que está siendo tu finde!!
    ice cream!!quiero!!!XD

    Que termines de disfrutar el finde

  2. Love your chambray top... and you have the cutest smile.

    Have fun this weekend! xoxo

  3. Me encanta la cancion, la tengo en mi MP4 jajaja
    Guapisima en la fotos :)

  4. qué guapa!
    que tal estudiar griego? me hubiera encantado

  5. Muy chulas las fotos.

    Un besazo guapa.

  6. Qué bien te lo pasas!

    B* a la Moda


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