dimarts, 20 d’abril de 2010



Hello guys! How are you doing?

This week seems to be a little more long than the last one… But well, early is going to be Friday! LOL, too positive? Hum =/. Well, better being that, because tomorrow I’ve got an economy exam and I’ve not started to study yet.

Well, I had to show you some photos that I did for the contest of Sant Jordi 10’ in our school. The teacher gave us some fragments of poems and we had to do a photo that represents the poem. I think you won’t understand them because they are in old català. I chose three, two first talks about rage, hate… You know.

Si com lo taur se’n va fuit pel desert quan és sobrat per son semblant qui el força, ne torna mai fins ha cobrada força per destruir aquell qui l’ha desert



And the second one was about willpower, about that you can overcome difficulties. This one is on current català.

Amunt ànima forta, Traspassa la boidada i arrela dins l’altura com l’arbre els penyals



And finally I wanna show you some new pieces of the new collection of Ashley and MK Olsen. Those are really like her personal and daily style, specially the first, don’t you think so?

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Well, hope you’ll have a nice week!



9 comentaris:

  1. total lo que feis a català, ho podriem fer noltros també a aquestes coses!
    Un beso! miss u

  2. De la colección me gustan las dos últimas :)

    Suerte para el examen! un beso

  3. I love your interpretation of rage... awesome!

    The first outfit is calling my name. I am so obsessed with oversized sweaters and tops. xoxo

  4. tu blog es una pasada me encanta!!!!

  5. Necesito echarle un vistazo a esa colección de las Olsen! =)

  6. El vestido negro con plumas me ha encantado

  7. i was scared by the first photos, really.

    i love rock climbing, it's a really fun activity. and yes, that is a very good illustration of overcoming difficulties :)

  8. ME ENCANTA EL ABRIGO DE LA 2º!y el vestido de la penultima!esos los q mas!q el vestido no me vendria nada mal para la comunion de mñn...¬¬

  9. Jajaja no vale! Queremos castellano también! Siempre he querido aprender catalan pero nada, es muy dificil xD
    Un besin


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