dimecres, 7 d’abril de 2010

Little toy ++




  Hi sweethearts! How are you?

Lately me and Joan have decided to go to more excursions, and we gotta be well prepared. Because of that my daddy bought me today this little pink lantern. Isn’t cute? I’m totally in love with it. Maybe I wont use it a lot, but I think that is a nice complement for going to explore the world.

Yestarday and today has been the COCÓ party, WOW! Really amazing. I still heavin’ no photos, well just a few. I promise that in the moment that GIS sends me them, I’ll show you. Just can say AMAZING NIGHT. One of the best of my life.

Plus, now Joan is gonna come to dinner at my house, I’ll prepare him something that I think he’ll like.

Keep in touch :)



3 comentaris:

  1. Qué bien la fiesta, me alegro de que lo pasaras bien.

    La linterna muy mona, je, je.

    Un besazo guapa.


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