dissabte, 17 d’abril de 2010

Have some fun ++

Hello beloved bloggers!
How are you? This is being a perfect weekend. My energy is alive, I’M FEELING ALIVE :).
Today I woke up wanting to eat the world. The weather is not really good, but I don’t mind at all. This morning I’ll do all my homework, so I’ll can enjoy fully of the weekend, and after I’ll do some exercise with DIS of Dymos. Summer is coming and we’ve got to start taking care of our bodies, don’t you think so?
This afternoon we will hike to Es Castell d’Alaró (Alaró’s castle), which is the old ruins of an old castle with a really nice views. Hope the weather will be with us!
And at night, party in Sa Pobla. Today is the Quintos Party, it’s going to be AWESOME! And I’ve got to use my last days as sixteen in a cool way… Maybe I’ll think some crazy thing to do haha. On 29th is my birthday and I’m thinking how to celebrate it with my friends. Have you got ideas? I mean, something different that heaving a dinner. Maybe I’ll do, but if there’s something different that would be great.
Enjoy your weekend sweeties!

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  1. i love the video.do have blast girl. go have a blast girl you'll be sisteen only once. I think that going for karaoke is also a great past time :)

  2. You had it all planned... enjoy your weekend Xisca! Have fun! xoxo

  3. Yo es que en los cumples no salgo de las opciones cena-fiesta-barbacoa xD

    Un beso y pasa un buen finde, guapa!

  4. Mola la canción!!
    Disfruta del finde :)

  5. I want my birthday to come soon too!

  6. thats awesome that you woke up feelin that way! and yes, im a fashion design major in school. haha so thank you for noticing!

  7. ME ENCANTA ESA canción de Sherryl:) gracias por recordármela!!

  8. Cómo te lo pasas! Me alegro de que estés radiante de energía.

    B* a la Moda


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