dimarts, 13 d’abril de 2010

Fresh ++



Hello dears! How are you?

Today has been a good day, I don’t know if it was because yesterday I was depressed for coming back to school or what… But today I’m feeling good.

We have had a free hour in high school, because the teacher of Latinus hasn’t come, and I went with my angismagcrisxis for a walk and for a talk. I’ve really enjoyed it! With them I feel really comfortable, and I just know them for some months ago. They are the guilty of my happiness so I really think that this song is ideal. Blame it on the girls! (L)

I’m glad because right now everything seems to be on its site, you know? But well, it’s just the beginning. There are some things that were all time moving and suddenly they’ve stopped, and it’s just fab! Well, may you’re thinking I’m weird so better stop, LOL!

Now I’m going to the library to check a book that I’ve gotta read for Friday.



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  1. Menos mal que ati te ha ido bien el día, Xisca, porque amí en especial no, sino a toda mi clase, buah! fataal! muchísimos líos, será por el martes trece, pero yo no soy supersticiosa, creo que pasa por que tiene que pasar :)

  2. Peroo que sexy!jajaja
    tienes un pelazo :)
    Un besito,CLES.

  3. Great that everything is okay... you look so happy indeed. xoxo

  4. me encantaa!q guapisima!!!
    y no abia visto el videoclips de mika!!!
    un beso!

  5. Morritos! :)
    Ay a mi este cantante me recuerda al chico gay de Aida xD

    Tienes que ver la peli! x

  6. lovely red. Looking very pretty on you :)

  7. of course im still posting!! and LOVE that lip color.. I've been experimenting with different lipsticks lately too

  8. I love these pictures! And ur lips colour! ;)
    Thanks for ur coment. xoxo

  9. Muy chulas las fotos.

    Un besazo guapa.

  10. Me alegro de que te tomes la vuelta con optimismo. Me gusta tu cara en la foto.

    B* a la Moda


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