divendres, 30 d’abril de 2010

Sick of love.

LGIM0137“I’ll bring a box, with sugar, to put you in”
Today my beloved Joan is celebrating his 19th birthday! God, I can’t believe he’s growing so fast. ILOVEU(L)
Tonight we’re going to a concert of Obrint Pas, a valencian music group that I love! I’m super excited, and you can’t even imagine how Joan is, LOL.
Well, thank you very much for your sweet comments of the birthday, you’re so adorable.

dijous, 29 d’abril de 2010





Hi guys, how’s it going? Well, maybe you’re asking yourself why am I updating all these photos? Well, today is my seventeenth birthday! God, I can’t believe that this moment is right here… I remember when I was ten saying, mum I want to be sixteen, and sixteen is gone. I can’t believe that time is leaving so fast, I can’t even feel the years, they just leave. But how Marilyn Monroe said, “you should create your own icons and way of life because nostalgia is not glamorous. If I had something to say, that would be live your own life now!”
So, thank you for all the people that have been reading my blog, and for answering the comments. You’re so adorable, you know. I really hope you still reading it and that I’ll can still in touch with all you. Thank you very much!

dilluns, 26 d’abril de 2010

260410 ++

Hi sweeties! How are you? I’m totally heat dead. Here in the island the summer burn and the wind is nonexistent. Because of that I thought that reading some fashion magazine and a good article about summer, I could refresh a little bit.
I’ve found this new trend that is going to be really comfortable for us: mini Bermuda! I’m totally mad for it, I can’t see the moment to go and buy one.
So lovelies! Well, I’ve to go, I’ve got EOI, I’ve to study for some exams and do some works for school… Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!

dissabte, 24 d’abril de 2010

Weekend ++

Hi guys, have you had a nice week? Mine has been normal, yeah I’ve had a nice week. No exams, lots of homework… You know, as always. But weekend is starting pretty cool! Yesterday I went to Cris house to have dinner with angismagcrisxis and Mari & Manuel. That was just an amazing night, lots of laughs, pizzas, ice creams… Well, you can imagine.
This morning I went to the city (Palma) with Joan to buy something that he needed for football. After I came back home and I’ve studied a little bit of Greek because next week is full of exams… God, I wanna summer to come right now! Well, now we’ll go to “es Correllengua”, it’s a kind of tribute to the català that is done in Mallorca, Catalunya and València. There’s a flame and is just like the flame of the Olympic Games, they take the flame to all the villages of Mallorca.
This evening I’ll go to Selva, to see my mendonguilla playing football. I’ve met selvatgines, long time ago without seeing them! I really miss my girls.
I’ve listened that song which I fell in love:
Furthermore, tonight I wanna hang out, but don’t know where, LOL! Well, keep in touch :)

dimarts, 20 d’abril de 2010



Hello guys! How are you doing?

This week seems to be a little more long than the last one… But well, early is going to be Friday! LOL, too positive? Hum =/. Well, better being that, because tomorrow I’ve got an economy exam and I’ve not started to study yet.

Well, I had to show you some photos that I did for the contest of Sant Jordi 10’ in our school. The teacher gave us some fragments of poems and we had to do a photo that represents the poem. I think you won’t understand them because they are in old català. I chose three, two first talks about rage, hate… You know.

Si com lo taur se’n va fuit pel desert quan és sobrat per son semblant qui el força, ne torna mai fins ha cobrada força per destruir aquell qui l’ha desert



And the second one was about willpower, about that you can overcome difficulties. This one is on current català.

Amunt ànima forta, Traspassa la boidada i arrela dins l’altura com l’arbre els penyals



And finally I wanna show you some new pieces of the new collection of Ashley and MK Olsen. Those are really like her personal and daily style, specially the first, don’t you think so?

1sics7 1zqv4u8 24vk5s8 bim349 2d83nv9 t64k6c

Well, hope you’ll have a nice week!



dissabte, 17 d’abril de 2010

Have some fun ++

Hello beloved bloggers!
How are you? This is being a perfect weekend. My energy is alive, I’M FEELING ALIVE :).
Today I woke up wanting to eat the world. The weather is not really good, but I don’t mind at all. This morning I’ll do all my homework, so I’ll can enjoy fully of the weekend, and after I’ll do some exercise with DIS of Dymos. Summer is coming and we’ve got to start taking care of our bodies, don’t you think so?
This afternoon we will hike to Es Castell d’Alaró (Alaró’s castle), which is the old ruins of an old castle with a really nice views. Hope the weather will be with us!
And at night, party in Sa Pobla. Today is the Quintos Party, it’s going to be AWESOME! And I’ve got to use my last days as sixteen in a cool way… Maybe I’ll think some crazy thing to do haha. On 29th is my birthday and I’m thinking how to celebrate it with my friends. Have you got ideas? I mean, something different that heaving a dinner. Maybe I’ll do, but if there’s something different that would be great.
Enjoy your weekend sweeties!

dimarts, 13 d’abril de 2010

Fresh ++



Hello dears! How are you?

Today has been a good day, I don’t know if it was because yesterday I was depressed for coming back to school or what… But today I’m feeling good.

We have had a free hour in high school, because the teacher of Latinus hasn’t come, and I went with my angismagcrisxis for a walk and for a talk. I’ve really enjoyed it! With them I feel really comfortable, and I just know them for some months ago. They are the guilty of my happiness so I really think that this song is ideal. Blame it on the girls! (L)

I’m glad because right now everything seems to be on its site, you know? But well, it’s just the beginning. There are some things that were all time moving and suddenly they’ve stopped, and it’s just fab! Well, may you’re thinking I’m weird so better stop, LOL!

Now I’m going to the library to check a book that I’ve gotta read for Friday.



dissabte, 10 d’abril de 2010

Garden Collection.


Hi bloggers!
After so much days of party non stop, I’ve decided to relax a little bit. Today I was looking for things that I would like to buy this spring, and I’ve though about H&M garden collection. I’m just so in love with all the entire collection, every flower, every colour…
The colours are mostly nude, you know, pastel colours, and the textures seems to be really soft and light, ideal for this spring, which I think is going to be warm.
So, what do you think, do you like the items that I’ve chosen?

p.d: by the way, you still on time to join the contest of IT'S ALL THAT SHE WANTS, where she gives a really nice gift. You're avaliable to play since 15th April. So you know, you don't loose anything for playing!

divendres, 9 d’abril de 2010




dimecres, 7 d’abril de 2010




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So amazing party!

Today has been a relax day. I’ve been all day just taking it easy. I woke up at 13.35 and at 16’00 I’ve gone to Lloseta to go for a walk in “es COCÓ”.

After i’ve gone home again and slept a little bit. I’ve prepared dinner and Joan came to dinner, he said he loved it! But you know, boyfriends and mothers will never hate what you do, LOL.

Tomorrow another excursion with Joan, and I’ll start to study again cuz holidays are ending and I really need to put on the move again.

So, you’re back to work, or just still enjoying holidays?



Little toy ++




  Hi sweethearts! How are you?

Lately me and Joan have decided to go to more excursions, and we gotta be well prepared. Because of that my daddy bought me today this little pink lantern. Isn’t cute? I’m totally in love with it. Maybe I wont use it a lot, but I think that is a nice complement for going to explore the world.

Yestarday and today has been the COCÓ party, WOW! Really amazing. I still heavin’ no photos, well just a few. I promise that in the moment that GIS sends me them, I’ll show you. Just can say AMAZING NIGHT. One of the best of my life.

Plus, now Joan is gonna come to dinner at my house, I’ll prepare him something that I think he’ll like.

Keep in touch :)



dimarts, 6 d’abril de 2010


Yesterday It was Sant Vicenç and there were party in Muro. We went there since 16 to 24. Too tired! But anyway we had fun fun fun! A lot of people, some tequila, good music… And today is the DAY. Today we’re gonna have the biggest party of all the Eastern… EL COCÓ!
One night full of friends and love and dance! There are gonna be some pubs with different kind of music (that’s what I love more, because I can’t stand being in the same pub with the same music all nigh, specially if it’s house).
So TELL ME ABOUT YOUR EASTERN! I really hope this is being cool!
Plus, I gotta show you some photos from the excursion that I did the other day with Joan to La Talaia d’Alcúdia. It’s an excursion of 1’30 min, climb a mountain, and finally in the top you can find some old old old houses in ruins. The view is breathtaking, I really recommend it if you someday come to Mallorca.