dijous, 25 de març de 2010

Outfits ++


anja rubik

blanca bianti 

karmen pedaru

I’m loving those outfits. I’ve found them in a blog from Stockholm full of street style.

I just can’t understand how some women can wear with that style, I really envy them! By the way, I’ve finished all the exams, all homework and my life is in a perfect balance right now.

On Wednesday we start holiday and we’re going to pick the marks up. Talking about school, this evening I’ve got a meeting with the teachers to talk about this quarter, cuz I’m the sub-delegated.

Maybe, after Joan is going to visit me. Hope so! a couple of days to go for walks with Joan bikes, they are really old and he has restored them.

Do you like them?



And finally HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweetheart ARIADNA, cuz today she’s doing her 17th birthday.

I really love you baby.


What about your week?

Oh and thank you very much for your comments, you’re adorable.



15 comentaris:

  1. m'encanten ses fotos (L)
    sa falda és XS però és ampla ehh jo duc una S i me ve gran jajajaj

  2. I love those street style pics... so fabulous.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  3. i agree with you girl. some women are just really really chic they make me so envious. i love the first three photos especially the 2nd and the 3rd :)

  4. son tuyas las bicis????sin una chulada!!

  5. I love those looks <3 the girls looks beautiful

  6. que monada de outfits!! el segundo me encanta!

  7. Gràcies carinyooooo :)
    Mos veim avui vespre!

    (m'encanta com vesteix na Bianca Balti)

  8. i loveee stockholm streetstyle. very inspirational.

  9. Hi, thank you very much for your comment in my blog :)

    Beautiful pictures you have here :)

    kiss from Portugal***


  10. love the bikes! happy birthday to you friend! :)

    xo tiffany


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