diumenge, 14 de març de 2010

Little doll ++

alma aguilar

jean-charles de castelbajac 

Which is your favourite kind of style? Rock, lolita, total black, lady…?
Mine is lolita, or as I like to call it, LITTLE DOLL style. I love it because I think that is very cute how can you mix innovation with tradition without that anything seems strange. You can perfectly wear a socks with a heel sandals and don’t look like a gaudy.
I like the innocence that this look brings you, too. I think that someway It looks like the Pin-up style too, don’t you think so?
Last day I saw the film “sexy killer: vestida per matar”, and just love how Macarena López looks in that film.

escena-sexykiller                mac
ecfilmpic.php   up-sexy_killer
      Here you are some pictures from the film. Just love her eyes!
And finally I’ve made a list of music that lately I love.
Hope you like it as much as me!


Hope that tomorrow you’ll have a nice monday.

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  1. Abeautiful girl -- I've never seen her before. Looks interesting!


  2. Gracias guapa! ;)

    Esa peli la ví en el cine, me gusta esta actriz aunque siempre hace un poco de loca! xD


  3. Hi, lovely pics!

    I had to smile when I read your comment on my site, thank for leaving a really sweet comment. The only difference between a celeb and the woman you saw walking down the street is the fact that the celeb is well known, but the celeb is human also, she is just lucky in the fact that her hair and make up gets done by professional artists.. I bet if they allow you to be treated by those artists, you will look like a super model too!!

    Thanks for commenting, love to hear your opinion.


  4. Little Doll style is one of my favorite looks, as well - it reminds me a bit of Lolita, and is simply enchanting. Loving the look from Alma Aguilar!! :)

  5. thank you for the kind words you left in my blog, pretty. ;() i am enjoying your blog, as well.
    i am following you already. ;()


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