dilluns, 15 de març de 2010

Brown is back

Snapshot_20100315  Snapshot_20100315_1



Good morning! How are you? I don’t know if being happy or what..

Yesterday I was studying and suddenly I wanted to change the colour of my hair… I thought, now I’m more blonde than after… And I start being tired of this… I wanna have my normal colour again! And just done it!

What do you think about the change?

As you can see, highlights has gone and the colour is more uniform. I like this colour because it makes my face more white, LOL! The lips seems to be more red, and the cheeks too. I think that enhance my eyes, don’t you think so? I’m really white and with the other colour…Well that girl just was not me.

Ant I think that for being the first time that I dye my hair myself, it’s OK :)



5 comentaris:

  1. Que guapa sales en las fotos, eres super fotogenica. un beso, te sigo, gracias por pasarte!!

  2. i like your hair color and the hairstyle too. I think they suit you. :)
    thanks for following my blog. im a followr too.

  3. I love your new hair color... I looked at the previous posts to see your old color. This new color suits your complexion well. Good decision! Have a great day~ xoxo


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