diumenge, 14 de març de 2010

Again ++

Hi bloggers!
How are you?
I’m really fine! Yesterday we came back to the snow, cuz there were a lot in the mountain! We came in a little way really narrow and steep and we get down at full speed.
It was really, really fun cuz you could feel as doing snowboard or may skiing with your own foots, LOL. Well, is not the same, but we had really fun.
Once we got down, we found a really nice way full of snow and it was… from a dream.
Here is Joan getting down the mountain.
We made another snow man, and we called him BIEL. Isn’t nice?
We did it like in the films, taking a little snow ball, making it roll in the snow, until it was the biggest snow ball that I’ve ever seen. Just like kids! LOL.
Now, let’s study, cuz tomorrow I’ve got 3 exams, on Tuesday I’ve got 2, on Wednesday 2 more, and on Thursday 1… Wanna cry :(
Hope you can enjoy this sunday.

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  1. I wish we have snow here in the Philippines. I envy you... it seems you has so much fun. xoxo

  2. Com mola es video (:
    Ador tant sa neu, però ara mateix anyor sa platja i es sol. Tu no?

    t'estim X.
    pd. Aquest estiuet molta platja ehh

  3. Jajajaja
    Es que tu y yo anam al mateix institut!!
    No vas a classe amb na Gis, n'Anto i na Magda??
    Soc na Cely, una amiga seva.
    Faig el batx artístic. El quadre es per alló de la gimcana xD y després el conte il·lustrat es per el concurs de Sant Jordi, el que passa que per a nosaltres es obligatori...

    Un beso guapa.

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun, lovely pics and the snow looks so beautiful.

    I am so so so sorry for you, all of those exams, that sounds terrible. I so wish for you to do well.

    Thanks for leaving a sweet thought on my last post, hope your day will be fabulous... even if you have to study.


  5. Jaja pues a mi me pasó lo que a ti, hasta que entré en la web de la disco a la que voy normalmente que allí la ponen siempre y.. voilà! xD

    Pero cuantos exámenes tienes! yo tengo esta semana dos y la que viene otros dos y ya termino! :) espero aprobarlos porque son la leeeche de chungos.. Mucha suerte!

  6. Oh, I want to build a snowman - I wish we had snow here in Southern California! So glad you had a fabulous time, my love! Good luck on your exams - I know you'll do great!! :)

  7. Gracis guapa!
    ets de Mallorca tb? ^^
    Seguiré es teu blog q m'agrada (L)

  8. ¿¿¿nieve en mallorca???...qué fuerte...aquí en madrid aunque esté empezando a salir el sol...el frio sigue presente...


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