diumenge, 28 de març de 2010




Hello people! How are you? I’m totally happy because of this weekend. On Friday I went to Ariadna’s birthday party and we really had tremendously fun! I saw some friends that hadn’t seen since long time ago, and I fell in love with them again :) Too much laughs, too much good environment… What else can I wish?

On saturday my love came to my house to have lunch, PIZZA! In the evening we went to see a football match (CIDE 2-XILVAR 2), and after we came back home because we wanted to go to see the VIACRUCIS, while the Barça-Mallorca were playing and later, running home to see the end of the match, LOL.

In the night a little bit of Alcudia, and came home early.

Today a little bit of cinema with some friends and MONDAY again…

So, you’re heaving a nice weekend?


dijous, 25 de març de 2010

Outfits ++


anja rubik

blanca bianti 

karmen pedaru

I’m loving those outfits. I’ve found them in a blog from Stockholm full of street style.

I just can’t understand how some women can wear with that style, I really envy them! By the way, I’ve finished all the exams, all homework and my life is in a perfect balance right now.

On Wednesday we start holiday and we’re going to pick the marks up. Talking about school, this evening I’ve got a meeting with the teachers to talk about this quarter, cuz I’m the sub-delegated.

Maybe, after Joan is going to visit me. Hope so! a couple of days to go for walks with Joan bikes, they are really old and he has restored them.

Do you like them?



And finally HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweetheart ARIADNA, cuz today she’s doing her 17th birthday.

I really love you baby.


What about your week?

Oh and thank you very much for your comments, you’re adorable.



diumenge, 21 de març de 2010

Evening in Palma








Yesterday was a very funny day. We had to go to Alcampo to buy a new target for the camera of Joan, so we went and after we went to Decathlon to buy other things. We decided to go for a short walk in the Passeig Marítim, and everywhere we were looking at, was full of lights, little lights (which I love).

We singed and danced and jumped and BRR… It was a magic evening :).

After, when we came back we went to dinner in Pub P-dal, the meal was delicious, as always. Lately, coming back home, we were starting heaving a little stomach-ache, so we couldn’t go to the party, and I felt really bad for it because I was wishing it with all my soul…

But at the end, the important thing is that he was beside me, like always.

And today a little bit of cinema, what are you doing today?



dissabte, 20 de març de 2010





Last night I had really fun! At the end, we went to the QUINTOS DE CAMPANET, and have fun! There were not techno or house, there were ROCK! Wow just amazing :). I really hate going to all the parties and that all the music would be pum pum pum pum all the time, it gives me head-ache… We found there my loves Anto, Mag and Gis, and we really laugh a lot because there was a drunk guy that was following them all the time and making photos hahaha.

And today a bit of evening with my ladies plus night in Lloseta, isn’t it? Party non stop please, cuz this weekend I need the biggest breath of all my life.

Have a nice Saturday sweeties!



divendres, 19 de març de 2010

That may be fun++









God I miss the summer and those pretty moments just as the ones from the photo.

It was made in the pub ROYAL on Sant Joan’s eve. We drunk caipirinha, we laugh a lot, and just spent one of our best moments. I wanna come backkk!!!!! :)

Today is friday. May tonight I’m going to the QUINTOS DE CAMPANET, a party made for the guys that this year are becoming eighteen, tomorrow party in Binissalem, and at night in Lloseta there’s a concert.

Hope you’ll have a nice weekend.





P.D: congrats DAD (L) Loveeu

dijous, 18 de març de 2010

Finally OVER



Thanks god all the exams are over, lovely!

This evening I’ve got two exams from the EOI, and this weekend just relax. Thanks for all your sweetie coments trying to cheer me up! You’re as cut as someone can be! :)



dimecres, 17 de març de 2010

No time,




Looong week! Between monday and thursday i’m doing 10 exams… And I promise I’m starting to be a little tired of all that books and… U know! Tomorrow are the last ones, philosophy and science. Hope they’ll be fine! Currently I’ve passed all my exams, and hope pass all the other!

Moreover today I’ve got two exams from the EOI, and may in Friday I’ve got the “speaking”.

So, are you OK? No stress?



dimarts, 16 de març de 2010

Trust is like a mirror…

you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fuckers reflections.

dilluns, 15 de març de 2010

Brown is back

Snapshot_20100315  Snapshot_20100315_1



Good morning! How are you? I don’t know if being happy or what..

Yesterday I was studying and suddenly I wanted to change the colour of my hair… I thought, now I’m more blonde than after… And I start being tired of this… I wanna have my normal colour again! And just done it!

What do you think about the change?

As you can see, highlights has gone and the colour is more uniform. I like this colour because it makes my face more white, LOL! The lips seems to be more red, and the cheeks too. I think that enhance my eyes, don’t you think so? I’m really white and with the other colour…Well that girl just was not me.

Ant I think that for being the first time that I dye my hair myself, it’s OK :)



diumenge, 14 de març de 2010

Little doll ++

alma aguilar

jean-charles de castelbajac 

Which is your favourite kind of style? Rock, lolita, total black, lady…?
Mine is lolita, or as I like to call it, LITTLE DOLL style. I love it because I think that is very cute how can you mix innovation with tradition without that anything seems strange. You can perfectly wear a socks with a heel sandals and don’t look like a gaudy.
I like the innocence that this look brings you, too. I think that someway It looks like the Pin-up style too, don’t you think so?
Last day I saw the film “sexy killer: vestida per matar”, and just love how Macarena López looks in that film.

escena-sexykiller                mac
ecfilmpic.php   up-sexy_killer
      Here you are some pictures from the film. Just love her eyes!
And finally I’ve made a list of music that lately I love.
Hope you like it as much as me!


Hope that tomorrow you’ll have a nice monday.

Again ++

Hi bloggers!
How are you?
I’m really fine! Yesterday we came back to the snow, cuz there were a lot in the mountain! We came in a little way really narrow and steep and we get down at full speed.
It was really, really fun cuz you could feel as doing snowboard or may skiing with your own foots, LOL. Well, is not the same, but we had really fun.
Once we got down, we found a really nice way full of snow and it was… from a dream.
Here is Joan getting down the mountain.
We made another snow man, and we called him BIEL. Isn’t nice?
We did it like in the films, taking a little snow ball, making it roll in the snow, until it was the biggest snow ball that I’ve ever seen. Just like kids! LOL.
Now, let’s study, cuz tomorrow I’ve got 3 exams, on Tuesday I’ve got 2, on Wednesday 2 more, and on Thursday 1… Wanna cry :(
Hope you can enjoy this sunday.

dijous, 11 de març de 2010


Miguel palacio“Miguel Palacio”
I was doing a review to some Cibeles catwalks, and just found some photos really lovely, which reminded me to the spring… As you can see some designers are agree with me in that flowers are going to be a MUST in your clothes! They make you feel all right and give you a happiness feeling, isn’t it?
I promise that I’ll abuse of them! LOL.
Don’t you love them?

dimecres, 10 de març de 2010

Summer music festival++

This sad day makes me wanna feel summer again… Don’t you?
Hope can go to some music festival this summer, I think this could be OK, just as Selva rock.

White is white ++




Hi sweeties! How are you?

I’m a little ill… Today it has rained a lot! All the morning… So we leaved school and gone

for a walk under the snow. It was a breathtaking view. Everything was totally white and the weather

couldn’t be colder. We have gone to Lloseta, and we have gone to visit El Cocó and es Puig.

After we went to my boyfriend farm and made this snowman who we have called TONI.

Isn’t nice?



dimarts, 9 de març de 2010

Greek theatre ++






This morning I went with the classes of humanists to see both plays Greek comedy and tragedy. Really love theatre and specially if it lets you to learn something.

There were other schools and I felt really comfortable. Really nice, like the famous old theatres from the films, lol.

I’m sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but I made it with the mobile phone, the camera is offfff  :( .      




dilluns, 8 de març de 2010






Last Sunday we went to Palma to spend a nice evening going for a walk. On the first we went to have something in a pub, and after we went to Dic de l’Oest. After all that we went to the Bellver’s castle, so beautiful! I really fell in love with that view… Oh!

Sorry, got a lot of exams, I’m out of reality.