dilluns, 1 de febrer de 2010

Starting a new week!


Hi sweeties! :) How are you? Ready for a new beginning? I do!
Today has been a really strange and quiet day. On the first we have had one free hour in Greek, after we have spent an hour singing and doing cool things because of the day of the peace. I think that it’s good that people make some activities for commemorate that symbolic day.
In German our teacher told us that a new teacher is coming and there are gonna be two teachers since right now. They are gonna divide us in tow levels. Well, we’re gonna do the same things in both levels, but one is gonna be slower(A) and the other one is gonna be faster(B). My teacher put me on the “B”, but I think I should be in the “A” cuz I really don’t think that i’ve got a good German level.. But well, If the teacher thinks I can do that, I’ll try it. 
On physical education the teacher told us that we’re starting the physical tests, and thanks to God, I’ve done some of them since sixth Grader. On theory I had to do my “fronton” exam today, but I’ll do it next week maybe! I’m really happy cuz I’ll can practise it.
I’ve listened that a new program is gonna start presented by Carmen Lomena. I like this woman, she’s got all what everybody wants to have. Maybe sometimes she says ridiculous things… But well, she’s glamorous.
Oh I almost forgot! On saturday we went to the “quintos 10’ Muro”. It was a perfect night! I went there with Joan and went with my girls for a bit.
And finally, I’ll show you some songs that I love from Ke$ha.

OK I’m going to study… Tomorrow have got an economy exam… I’m scared!

Something new?
Lots of love.

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  1. Si, estic super feliç.. Es un HP Compaq. L'adorrr :)

  2. wow amazing that you are studying greek :)


  3. Me encanta este chica oyee! La canción me encanta!
    jajaja y la foto genial! Un besazo.

  4. Oye, no paras. ¿Qué tal te ha salido el exámen? Economía nunca fue mi favorita. ;))

    B* a la Moda


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