dimecres, 3 de febrer de 2010

make it POP!

So glad of being wednesday cuz it means that in two days is weekend, yeeppa! Another crazy day up and down, really slept up, but I had to be OK in class cuz teachers are lookin’ all the time.
I’ve got the marks of economy and greek, at the end! Greek 7’65 and economy 7’53. I think I can improve, but is not a bad way to start the trimester, don’t u think so? Whatever is necessary to achieve something like this:
 “Vogue office”

Anyway you can study fashion in “teen vogue university”, but of course, this is far away and expensive.
              I’ve been thinking about doin’ the Vogue’s master at the end of the career (journalism). What do you think?          
And at the end finish working in some place like this..
But in fact, I think that half universe have got the same dream, lol. If I couldn’t I would like to write about interesting news to, I would like to be a professional journalist.
I wanted to talk to you a bit about new trends for this year, but I thought, who can do it better than Yolanda Sacristán? Here you are the link to the Vogue’s page:
I would like to share with you this song because It really helps me when I'm in some bad moment, I really adore it!
Bad before good – Day one (push the play button)

Enjoy this week!


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  1. thank you so much for your very sweet comments, i appreciate them dearly! i love all these pictures and the vogue office (from what i remember seeing) is perpetually beautiful. for the teen vogue university, i applied online and got accepted in october! it was a great experience i definitely recommend it!


  2. omg lovely vogue's office



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