divendres, 26 de febrer de 2010

Tonight ++

Tonight is the night

diumenge, 21 de febrer de 2010


Well, have just seen the new Blanco’s spring collection, and fell in love with this items.
This white dress is lovely! And I think that the shoes are really “romantic”, u know. It’s a kind of lady :). They’re perfect for spend an evening walking in the city with your couple. Oh…!
Or for a shopping evening alone, I think they’re just fab!

dimarts, 16 de febrer de 2010

quiet ++


“Exactly where I wanna be”

Hi guys! How are you? Heavin’ a nice week? I do.

Lot of homework, heavin’ no lots of exams, and enjoying life :). Can u wish something else?


dilluns, 15 de febrer de 2010

Little dolls ++ 150210’


Hi sweeties! How’s it going?

Have u had a nice week start? And what about your weekend? Oh god, never had had a lovelier weekend! So nice. On Friday as u know I went to Abraxas with my ladies, and after to have dinner in Antica Roma. On saturday morning we went to Palma to buy a diadem and the shoes. At night LOTS OF PARTTTY in Lloseta, in es Doble Cero 00. Just had too much fun! The pub was full, there were too much people, we couldn’t even dance, LOL. Have not photos here, but I promise I’ll show u some in a few.

Today I went to Inca to Gis house, and we’ve done a greek presentation, well it’s in progress.We haven’t done much things, but we’ve done 94 photos haha.





Really love them.



dissabte, 13 de febrer de 2010

Abraxas ++

Heeeey ho! How’s it going? Heavin a great carnival weekend? I DO!
Yestaerday was too incredible to be true… We went to Abraxas in the evening to see La salle’s catwalk, OMG! The disco was so cool, cool people and really good environment. Lights on, music non stop.. What I loved from there was especially the music. In the center we use to listen all night putrum-putrum music (house, techno..) and it really makes me headache.
Yesterday there were all kind of music,so perfect! After that me and Joan went to have dinner in Antica Roma, and the pizza was SUPER!
This morning I went to Palma and I bought a white shoes for the custom of tonight, a long false eyelashes and a white diadem. LOVELY.
Soooo, have a nice carnival.

dijous, 11 de febrer de 2010

Imagine ++

Gemma Wards.
She’s my fab model. May cuz she’s got perfect hair, may cuz she looks like sweet, or may cuz I think she’s doing a great job in the fashion world. I think that her innocent look opens to her lot of doors, don’t you think she’s got a sweet face?
Some exams, sorry.
Tomorrow La Salle catwalk in Abraxas with Ariadna, Anais, Joana Maria and Africa, so nervous! I’ve never been in a catwalk, I think it could be fun! And on saturday and sunday… CARRRRRNAVAL TE QUIERO! (L).
Gonna have one of the best weekends of my life :).
Have fun!

dilluns, 8 de febrer de 2010

Sunday 7++




Yesterday we went to Randa (a mountain where Ramon Llull lived) to study. There were a breathtaking view, you could see the sea and other mountains, and Cabrera too! It really impressed me…

Well, I’m going to study, too many things on my head.




P.D: Sorry for the bad quality, but photos were taken by my phone.

diumenge, 7 de febrer de 2010

Neus is seventeen ++









Yesterday was my little flequi birthday. She is seventeen! God, I’m thinking about it and I feel like if the life was laughing of me… Everything is happening too fast, there’s not time to enjoy all the thing that I would enjoy… But what can we do? NO-THING.

By the time it’s happening, there are some moments with people you love that are always gonna stay there. Like these photos with all my people! Really love them. I know them since I was 3 years old, and hope never get far away from them. They are my all.

By the way, today is gonna be a boring day… Some friends from Menorca are coming to have luch at my house. We’re gonna eat paella! I love paella, but it reminds me too much to the summer. I think I’ve got a depressions… I want summer to come now! How I miss it… Oh, I’ve just changed the issue… At evening study, study and study more. We’ve got a spanish exam on Wednesday of 8 units… and on Twesday I’ve got a catalanish exam of 2 units… I think I can’t with all that! But well, gotta try it, not?

So, a nice Sunday is waiting for you?



dissabte, 6 de febrer de 2010

Welcome to paradise ++


This morning we went to play some fronton, and when we get tired, we went for a walk. Suddenly I’ve thought about the sea, and I said: “take me to the sea!”. He just looked at me with a strange face and said: “to the beach? NOW? OK.

And we have gone to the beach! So beautiful. I think I’ve never seen the sea as pretty as today. So clean and quiet water… In the summer it’s horrible cuz of the rubbish of the tourism… Really hate it!











We've gotten into the water, was really cold, but anyway we wanted to swim, LOL.



Grr, Friday ++


Hello guys! How’s it going? Nice weekend? Hope so! Mine is starting well. Last night I went with Joan to have dinner in SKALOP, a restaurant from Inca. Reeeaaally good! There I found Anais(one friend of mine) with Andres(her boyfriend). You don’t know how long I’ve not seen her; as always, beautiful.  While I was waiting for Joan I did some shots, I was really bored. I wore a simple look, navy t-shirt, dark jeans, grey boots and a black foulard:





So, what do you think about this? Too simple? Can improve? I’ll always apreciate your advices.



dijous, 4 de febrer de 2010

Class ++

Hi! Today I’ve made some photos in class and I wanted to share them with you. This has been a funny day, but a bit much longer…


And I wanna show you what I wore today too for goin’ to school
Lovely, tomorrow is Friday, at the end! Too longer week, to tired of all…

dimecres, 3 de febrer de 2010

make it POP!

So glad of being wednesday cuz it means that in two days is weekend, yeeppa! Another crazy day up and down, really slept up, but I had to be OK in class cuz teachers are lookin’ all the time.
I’ve got the marks of economy and greek, at the end! Greek 7’65 and economy 7’53. I think I can improve, but is not a bad way to start the trimester, don’t u think so? Whatever is necessary to achieve something like this:
 “Vogue office”

Anyway you can study fashion in “teen vogue university”, but of course, this is far away and expensive.
              I’ve been thinking about doin’ the Vogue’s master at the end of the career (journalism). What do you think?          
And at the end finish working in some place like this..
But in fact, I think that half universe have got the same dream, lol. If I couldn’t I would like to write about interesting news to, I would like to be a professional journalist.
I wanted to talk to you a bit about new trends for this year, but I thought, who can do it better than Yolanda Sacristán? Here you are the link to the Vogue’s page:
I would like to share with you this song because It really helps me when I'm in some bad moment, I really adore it!
Bad before good – Day one (push the play button)

Enjoy this week!


dimarts, 2 de febrer de 2010




Today I’ll dedicate this update to my beloved Aina, cuz she’s currently heavin’ a bad moment and I would like she to know that I’m there for everything. Don’t worry, better moments are waitin’ for u’.

"hey aina, don't be afraid, take a sad song and make it better. Don't carry the world up on your shoulders."


On the other hand, this has been a quiet day. I’ve done my economy exam, and it was easy, or I think so! So, everything is on the line.

Lots of love


dilluns, 1 de febrer de 2010

Starting a new week!


Hi sweeties! :) How are you? Ready for a new beginning? I do!
Today has been a really strange and quiet day. On the first we have had one free hour in Greek, after we have spent an hour singing and doing cool things because of the day of the peace. I think that it’s good that people make some activities for commemorate that symbolic day.
In German our teacher told us that a new teacher is coming and there are gonna be two teachers since right now. They are gonna divide us in tow levels. Well, we’re gonna do the same things in both levels, but one is gonna be slower(A) and the other one is gonna be faster(B). My teacher put me on the “B”, but I think I should be in the “A” cuz I really don’t think that i’ve got a good German level.. But well, If the teacher thinks I can do that, I’ll try it. 
On physical education the teacher told us that we’re starting the physical tests, and thanks to God, I’ve done some of them since sixth Grader. On theory I had to do my “fronton” exam today, but I’ll do it next week maybe! I’m really happy cuz I’ll can practise it.
I’ve listened that a new program is gonna start presented by Carmen Lomena. I like this woman, she’s got all what everybody wants to have. Maybe sometimes she says ridiculous things… But well, she’s glamorous.
Oh I almost forgot! On saturday we went to the “quintos 10’ Muro”. It was a perfect night! I went there with Joan and went with my girls for a bit.
And finally, I’ll show you some songs that I love from Ke$ha.

OK I’m going to study… Tomorrow have got an economy exam… I’m scared!

Something new?
Lots of love.