divendres, 29 de gener de 2010


Hi candies! How’s it going? I’m really relaxed cuz I’ve done my greek, philosophy and sciencie’s exams this week, so I’ve took them off. They were really OK, but I really need to improve in science, cuz this exam was really wrong. I’ve got just a 6’25/10… Well, next’s gonna be better.
Today I wanna talk 2 u about Taylor Momsen. I’ve got the same age, and she’s got a tremendous style. Have you seen that looooooong legs? I really envide her. So pretty!
Well… Lately she’s appearing with strange gothic looks… But I really hope that she realise that should be a mixt between both styles.
normal_002 (1)
What do you think about her style? Do you like It?

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  1. thank you so much for your comment!
    i absolutely love this post, because i'm an avid fan of taylor because she just has AMAZING style! yes yes would love to study fashion as well :)

  2. desde luego que la chica tiene un estilo muy definido para lo joven que es. yo a su edad tenía un cacao en la cabeza...


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